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Nick Eatman checks out the rookies who are getting time on the field for the Cowboys – Anthony Spencer, Nick Folk and Deon Anderson.

One of the readers of BTB shot me an email about Albert Breer at the DMN blog. (BTW, if you email me, include your BTB name, sometimes I don’t know who you are.) Breer did a review of the Vikings game here along the lines of my film reviews. It was a top-notch read. Now he’s got a new one over at the DMN regular site on the Cowboys defense that is a good read. Like noticing the decided lack of blitzes against the Vikings, and the damage the defense still accomplished.

By an unofficial count, Phillips and defensive coordinator Brian Stewart sent just four rushers on 18 of Jackson's 25 pass drops. They sent five men to pressure seven times, and never more than that.

But, as Phillips said, that didn't stop the Vikings from keeping tight ends and backs in to block. More often than not, six blockers were kept in to handle four rushers, and seven were there to block five. In some instances, Minnesota even had seven in protection blocking four, and that's with a line starting two players who have nine Pro Bowl berths between them.

This Breer dude is showing some serious chops in breaking down the Cowboys.

OK, Greg Ellis has been better than I thought he would be coming back from injury. He’s shown he’s the man for the starting spot. That doesn’t diminish Anthony Spencer at all; the kid looks to have a big-time future. For right now though, Ellis is getting it done. But leave it to Greg Ellis to worry about the craziest things. We know the guys a worrier, it’s been documented for a few seasons now. But check out just how much of a worrier he is:

As Dallas Cowboys linebacker Greg Ellis stood inside the inflatable helmet during pregame introductions last Sunday, he had a sick feeling in his stomach.

Name after defensive name had been called, and Ellis was still waiting.

"I was like, 'Man, maybe they didn't make the change on the schedule and they already called Anthony Spencer's name,' " Ellis said."I was thinking this is bad. I was going to walk out of the side."

Ha! Ellis must think that he left the iron on every time he leaves the house.

Here’s an article over at ESPN about the NFC Contenders. The writer has some good things to say about our personnel on both sides of the ball. That was in the why Dallas will win the NFC section. In the why Dallas won’t win the NFC section, he dropped this on us.

They have five games remaining in the NFC East, which could be the toughest division. They play three of their final four games on the road against teams with winning records. Romo struggled down the stretch last season. His five-interception performance in Buffalo reminded us that he's still unproven.

Notice to all BTB-readers, BTB-regular Terry will be forming the lynch mob at Main Street and the corner of wherever the author lives. Terry will supply the pitchforks and torches, so just bring your will to storm the writer’s house and force him to bow down in front of a Sophia Bush picture while chanting "I’m a Romosexual."

Terry Glenn was at Valley Ranch today but his timetable for return is as uncertain as ever. The word is he’s working on strengthening his quad muscle and could start running in a couple of weeks.

Also, this update on Anthony Henry:

Starting cornerback Anthony Henry, who has missed the last three games with a high right-ankle sprain, is getting closer to playing.

Henry said he's going to play next Sunday against Philadelphia.
"It's getting better," he said.

Henry, however, did miss practice Thursday, but he's doing resistance training.

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