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Friday afternoon fun for a Cowboys bye week

Here’s a Friday afternoon hodge-podge of nuggets about the Cowboys, or at least related to the Cowboys in some way. We’ll discuss Romo’s World and what the Browns hear from the Cowboys scouts. And away we go:

Remember how all the pundits after the Patriots game were cracking on the Cowboys, saying how we got blown out and the game wasn’t even close? And all of us were saying watch the whole game idiots and you’ll see it different? I remember that. Well, Chris Collinsworth admits his error in this article on the Patriots website about the Patriots possibly going undefeated.

It's not just teams like the lowly Dolphins that New England is pounding. The Patriots did the same thing to the Cowboys. I must admit that after watching the tape of the Dallas game, the Cowboys are a little better than I originally thought. They handled the Patriots' offensive line pretty well and stuffed the run. The Cowboys, to me, are the clear-cut favorite in the NFC. But even they were no match for the Patriots.

Well, at least he admitted that the Cowboys did some things very well in that game. We just couldn’t cover their receivers.

Our man Deon "Cricket" Anderson is somebody now. His successor at UConn now has to live up to Cricket’s legacy.

UConn coach Randy Edsall knows what it is like to have a great fullback with Deon Anderson now starting for the Dallas Cowboys. He likes what he is seeing from Sherman.

"We lost a great one in Deon, but Anthony Sherman has the ability to be a very good fullback for us," Edsall said.

I’m starting to really dig Deon Anderson. Now that he’s shown he can catch the ball, he may start getting some real stats to go along with his blocking. Maybe the Cricket will even score a TD.

The DMN blog exposes the frugality of one Mr. Leonard Davis. The post is about Davis being ranked on this Forbes’ list of the 25 highest-earning athletes. Wow, that was kind of a surprise to me. But this Tim MacMahon nugget cracked me up.

[Davis] told me about a recent trip to a gas station when he paid with a $50 bill before fueling up. His tank was full at $49.61, so he went back inside to collect his 39 cents. The clerk couldn't believe it.

"If something in here costs 39 cents, can I just take it?" Bigg asked. "I didn't think so."

Uh, if I was the clerk, Bigg could have whatever he wanted from the store, 39 cents or not. Because Bigg is big.

MacMahon also has a breakdown of every Romo TD pass this year. Interesting read.

Because it’s Friday afternoon, and we’re on a bye week, I bring you Romo’s World.

Hey, remember Rob Petitti? He just found a new team.

The newest player to pass through the [Ram’s] revolving door on the offensive line, Rob Petitti, is undergoing a crash course so that he'll be ready to suit up Sunday.

And to close, Brown’s GM Phil Savage recently did an interview about lots of stuff, but the part about what they will do in next year’s draft caught my eye. Why? Because Savage passes along the Cowboys scouts’ warmest regards.


I do see the Cowboys scouts out quite often. They don't wish me luck.

You think. Die, Browns, die.

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