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Sunday games open thread

It’s just not the same on this Sunday. There’s no nervous energy, or the angst of anticipation, there’s just the other teams playing some games. But, I do want to get a look at our NFC brethren. I’d like for the Eagles to get knocked out of this thing. Put them out of the race. I’ll be interested to see how the Redskins deal with the Patriots. I’ll also be catching a peek at the Giants playing in London, partly just out of curiosity. Will the English fans break out some of their football (that would be soccer) songs?

Are you guys starting some dodgy players on your fantasy teams this week? Six teams on a bye devastated my rosters. Throw in some injuries, and I’m actually starting guys like RB Chester Taylor and RB Chris Henry. Yeah, Chris Henry of the Titans, not the receiver from Cincinnati. I’m looking forward to my beatings this week. Unless my opponents trot out some duds, too. I’m too scared to look.

The bye week is almost done. The NFC East looms in our immediate future, on Monday we kickoff the second half of our season. Not technically, but psychologically. I’m psyched; we got a huge opportunity to get something serious done this season.

Here's a Tim Cowlishaw article saying we need to fix the pass defense and...he wants MB3 starting.

Everybody watches the Cowboys.

Clarence E. Hill, Jr. has a nice rundown on the best and worst of the Cowboys 6-1 start.

This is an open thread. Who ya watchin’ today?

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