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Cowboys are one happy team

The Wade Phillips era has kicked off with an extended honeymoon period. Heck, when you win your first four games at the helm then you hardly need a honeymoon period. Along with all that winning comes a happy organization, with Wade heading the group.

"I'm going to enjoy coaching - that's why I coach," Phillips said. "Partly because of the players and the coaches, but I enjoy the game. I did learn that from my dad. He enjoyed the game.

"It's not really worth it to me - it is for some coaches obviously because it's all-the-time grimace - but I have fun watching those guys make plays. They worked long, hard and put a lot of effort into it and when it happens, like Patrick - when he caught that second (touchdown) I said, 'He did it again!' I enjoy our players making plays."

Tony Sparano is getting a lot of love for the play of the offensive line.

"What I've done is try to submerge myself into this offensive line as much as I can and make sure the guys are as prepared as they can be for what might happen," Sparano said. "I feel like I owe it to the guys. If I'm not ready when they show up, then I didn't do my job."

The defense is improving and getting healthy. A great sign for a team that has a very potent offense.  Mickey Spags takes it further to say the whole team is getting better.

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