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I was away from the computer most of the day so when I got back and checked in on this here blog, I wondered if you guys missed me. Ha! I come back and there are like 267 new diaries and 4 million new comments. You guys took over the place like you pay rent, which is righteous because this is a community blog. Props to you guys.

I love this line about Jacques Reeves.

Jacques Reeves is a walking example of how a player can go from barely making the team to finding his way into the starting lineup.

It is kind of funny. Over the offseason we brought in all kinds of cornerbacks and the thought was that the older vets of the team (Reeves, Nate Jones) were in trouble. I cop to thinking Nate Jones was in trouble, but Reeves I thought would make it. Now, he’s not only made it but he’s starting. And improving.

"He's ballin' right now," Newman said of Reeves. "You can't keep him out if he's ballin.' But he's played before. This is his fourth year. He knows what to do."

I know everybody is in love with what Greg Ellis brought to the game on Sunday. His 1.5 sacks were needed and he took some of the pressure off DeMarcus Ware. And I have no problem with the relatively small amount of money that Jerry Jones gave him to get him on the field. Still, I think the way Ellis went about the whole thing stinks. I just do, especially after reading this.

Not until a couple of weeks ago did Greg Ellis inform Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of this insurance policy he had taken out on himself, finally revealing why he was so reluctant to not only participate in training camp practice, but also play in any of those opening three games of the 2007 season.

What the...? C’mon Greg, man up and tell Jerry the story from the beginning so we could get past this charade of you not playing but yet we’re holding a roster spot open. Long-term it’s no big deal, I’m thrilled to have him back. I’m not going to bring this up in the future – unless he pulls a more money thing again, or commitment as he likes to call it – because in the grand scheme, it’s a pittance. But Greg could have manned-up about this much sooner.

Tim MacMahon is jumping on the slow-start bandwagon. Does that even make sense? Why would you have a bandwagon for slow starts? I’m confusing myself with my own writing. Anyway, whatever it is, MacMahon is on it.

It's tough to be too critical of an offense on pace to break the NFL record for points, but the Cowboys have one glaring flaw. It takes them a while to get going.

The Cowboys have scored a grand total of six points in the first quarter this season. Compare that to 38 in the second quarter, 59 in the third and 48 in the fourth.


"We need to definitely focus in a little bit more and stop making those mistakes," [Andre] Gurode said. "Just go out there and execute. It can't take us a quarter and a half or two quarters to get started. We need to come flying out of the gates."

Hey, Andre Gurode jumped on the bandwagon, which really isn’t a bandwagon, but if it was, Andre would be on it but it would be broken because he’s huge.

Tony Romo is the NFC Offensive Player of the Month.

The longest 4-yard run of Tony Romo's career might have captured the nation's attention last Sunday, but his performance since the start of the regular season has earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Month honors for September.

Tony Sparano gets some major love, here.

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