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Cowboys make it official and sign Romo

I just finished listening to the Tony Romo press conference announcing the new deal. Of course Jerry spoke at length to start it off, he went through the regular talk about Tony earning this and how they evaluated Tony over the years. Jerry made mention of Romo’s ability to bring his team back in games and that was important to the process. Romo did his best aw-shucks imitation, although with him, I think it’s pretty genuine, he still has that young kid personality about him even though he’s becoming a seasoned pro. Everybody was happy about the deal and everybody was in a jovial mood. Jerry got off one of the best lines at the press conference when someone asked Romo about his recent "partying" with Britney Spears. After Romo nicely deflected the question by saying those things go with the territory, Jones said "sometimes they can smell fresh cash." Bada-bing! Score one for Jerry. Anyway, you can watch the press conference over at once they get the archive up.

Adam Schein grades all 32 teams so far this season. While New England and Indy got an A+, the Cowboys got an A.

Dallas: A sign of great teams is winning when you don't play your best. This was certainly the case for 6-1 Dallas on Monday Night Football against the Bills in the game of the year so far. The Cowboys hung with New England for three quarters in their only loss. Dallas, propelled by Tony Romo, Terrell Owens and Jason Witten, is clearly the best team in the NFC in this first half of the season. The Cowboys also secured their future by giving Romo a hefty extension.

You got to read this pathetic blog post on a Philly newspaper by some Philly fan. In his manic effort to make fun of the Cowboys signing Tony Romo and denigrating Romo’s skills, you can smell the fear coming off of him. Fear makes a stinky cologne. Only a person so worried about an opposing player would go out of his way to try and downgrade his abilities. For instance:

Thank you Dallas for handing over any opportunity you had of winning the NFC for the next six-years.

I am so tired of this ridiculous love affair the networks have with "Romo" whenever a Dallas Cowboy game is on television.

Somehow, this numbskull missed the fact that Tony Romo has a 12-5 record as a starter in the regular season, he’s 5th in the NFL in passer rating, 3rd in passing yards, 3rd in passing TD’s, and is frankly the best QB in the NFC East now.

Want more from the class clown?

Watch Romo’s game from a mechanical standpoint. His throws are erratic, he makes terrible decisions, and more often than not is bailed out by a great core of receivers and good running game.

This guy is one scared Philly fan. He’s just flinging stuff on the wall in hopes something will stick. Fear and self-loathing, a Philly fan specialty. Let’s get one more in while we can:

Enough crowing about the Super Bowls you won in the nineties. Take your shots at Donovan McNabb all that you want but you crumbs would take him in a heartbeat if he was available. The same way you sold soul to the Devil himself, Mr. Terrell Owens.

This one is so rich with ridiculousness and irony, that it boggles my mind. At least we can crow about Super Bowls won, do I need to remind everybody about Philly’s Super Bowl trophy case? By the way, the Devil seems like the only guy who could get you to the Super Bowl and you ditched him. Enjoy your NFC Conference championships and your wasted opportunities at a Super Bowl, the proverbial window has closed on those dreams for you.

Here’s a basic Cowboys and Eagles hate each other story from the Philly angle.

So the Romo deal is a done deal, but the Britney Spears story won’t stop.

Another amazing part of his rapid rise is the fame he's built outside of football. It started with supposed interest from actress Jessica Simpson, then grew with him dating country singer Carrie Underwood. He's back in the gossip magazines this week for an encounter with Britney Spears over the weekend. No wonder "Entertainment Tonight" dispatched a reporter to cover the news conference Tuesday.

Dandy Don must be proud.

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