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Cowboys face rejuvenated Eagles, McNabb

The Philadelphia Eagles needed to get right in a hurry. They were 2-4 heading into Minnesota, a loss would have put them in a desperation situation with the Cowboys coming to town. But now that the Eagles have put a ‘W’ on the board and are 3-4, all things are still possible. Not only did they start to right their ship on the scoreboard, Donovan McNabb believes he’s on his way back to normalcy, and coach Andy Reid believes it, too.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said today his star quarterback ''is getting to the point'' where he no longer is feeling the effects of his November 2006 knee injury.

McNabb completed 23 of 36 passes for 333 yards in the Eagles' 23-16 victory over Minnesota Sunday in the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

''He's doing so many good things now,'' Reid said.

Reid said McNabb's improved mobility is notable.

''He's moving very well in the pocket,'' Reid said. ''He's moving laterally and when he did decide to take off, he took off and went.''

Uggh, the dreaded mobile McNabb. It recalls memories of running around for 15 seconds before drilling a dagger in the Cowboys heart with a long pass. Now, McNabb may think he’s back, but I’d like to test that theory out on Sunday. Let’s give the Eagles a taste of their own medicine and unleash the hounds on the QB, but...and there’s always a but...don’t forget about Brian Westbrook. He can screen and draw you to death.

Just our luck, too, the Eagles sound like they have Brian Dawkins back in the lineup.

Free safety Brian Dawkins  is on track to return to the field for Sunday's matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. After practicing with the scout team for the past two weeks, Dawkins will work with the first-team defense in practice this week said head coach Andy Reid during his press conference one day after Sunday's 23-16 win over the Vikings.

Todd Archer held a chat. Here are a couple of the Q&A’s.

Q: How's Anthony Henry looking?
Todd Archer: We don't get to see a lot of practice, but Henry's words mean more to me. He said he is playing against the Eagles. His return would put the defense back in order and it could free up Roy Williams some, too.

Q: We all know Roy Williams gets scrutinized very closely by the fans and the media, but how has the other safety, Ken Hamlin, played this season? Are the Cowboys happy with Hamlin's performance so far?
Todd Archer: And here's the ender. I know Jerry Jones is happy with Hamlin. He struggled against the Giants and Patriots, like every other defender. I think Hamlin has been fine and his contributions are mostly unnoticed because he is responsible for lining everybody up. Can he be better? Sure, but I don't think the Cowboys are disappointed at all.

What the heck is thinking? They run a story about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and don’t include one picture? Talk about not understanding your audience.

And finally, for the absolutely nutty statistic of the day:

The Patriots have won their eight games by a combined 204 points (331-127). Only the Colts and Cowboys have scored more than that differential (224 for Indy; 227 for Dallas).

WTF? That’s freakin’ crazy! Better get out of the game on top, Belichick, because karma is going to be a beeyotch.

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