MB3 next on the list?

Is it Marion the Barbarian's time now?
Stephen Jones was talking to a few reporters outside the locker room about the Cowboys' recent history of taking care of guys who have proven themselves as premier players. He was listing off examples when Marion "The Barbarian" Barber walked past.

"Speaking of which," Jones said with a big smile.
The Cowboys certainly plan to keep Barber at Valley Ranch for a long time, but Jones said there isn't an urgency to get that deal done. Barber is a restricted free agent, and the Cowboys would rather not negotiate with players down the stretch of the season.

"If I were going to speculate," Jones said, "I would guess that there probably wouldn't be any more deals done until after the season."

The Cowboys have been an organization of great backs almost as much as it has been an organization of great QB's.  Its time to lock up the Cowboys next great back.

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