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Finishing up the Romo coverage

This whole Tony Romo signing kind of threw me for a loop. I was causally going about my business, preparing to read some stuff on the Eagles, watch a little film and just generally slide into Eagles week. Who knew that during the bye, Jerry and Tony would say let’s get this thing done? Especially since we had no warning, the only news was the news that they agreed to a deal. I had no idea they were working on it over the weekend so much. I wonder if Britney Spears knew?

Anyway, it’s all good so let's finish up on the Tony Romo signing and tomorrow we can move on to the Eagles, to Wednesday’s practice and press conference, and find out a little more about Anthony Henry’s health.

Here’s a generic story that covers the signing and the press conference.

Also, BTB-regular OskieOskie reminded me of another great one-liner from the press conference today. When a reporter asked Romo if the money had changed him, he replied with prefect comic timing - "Well, obviously I am a better person now that I have a lot of money." He got a nice laugh out of that one.

When I was listening to one part of the press conference, Romo was talking about how he by-passed Stephen Jones and went straight to Jerry to settle an issue. The DMN picks up that story in this article.

During Tuesday's press conference, Romo laughed about how he was actually hung up on a particular part of the contract and decided to talk to team owner Jerry Jones instead.

"We're off on one little area and Stephen thought we were done," Romo recalled. "Then I went to the other room and got Jerry on the phone and said 'About this one thing . . .' and Jerry was like, 'Done.' So I went back in and said I should've never talked to Stephen the entire time. I should've went right to Jerry."

Stephen certainly didn't seem to have a problem with Romo's assertiveness, nor did Kremer.

I guess Stephen isn’t quite running things yet. But I like the job he’s done with the money, we’ve been re-signing our guys at very reasonable rates lately.

BTB-regular Burt-D notes in this diary that after completing a deal with Romo, MB3 is on Jerry and Stephen’s list of guys to get something worked out with in the future.

And to close out the Romo signing, Mickey Spags reminds us there’s a thin line between luck and genius. The Cowboys are geniuses now for sticking with Romo all these years, but they were lucky that one Quincy Carter saved them from making a mistake.

A bunch of Cowboys are on the preliminary list for the Hall of Fame.

Patrick Crayton has gone cuckoo lately. I saw him on ESPN today talking about the Patriots again, he’s starting to sound obsessed. And the media just eggs him on to say more, and Crayton obliges. He needs to think more about ball security and less about the Patriots. The DMN blog has some more.

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