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Time to talk Eagles

I admit to being a little slack in updating the blog over the past few days. I’ve been writing some guest columns at other places, had some things that messed up my schedule, and the whole Tony Romo signing has kind of blotted out the Eagles game in some respects. But not for long, it’s all about the Eagles now. Wade Phillips will have a press conference after practice today so we’ll hear what he’s got to say, plus the media talked to the players and T.O. in the locker room, so we’ll also check in on that later.

But the Philadelphia media is already talking up the return of T.O. In this article, the reporter asked Lito Sheppard about T.O. and his past with the Eagles.

"I think that relationship is kind of like when you have a girlfriend you used to love in the past, maybe high school," Lito Sheppard said Monday, "and you loved her so much, but you hate her so bad now. But you can't stop talking about it."

Oh, really? That's what it is like?

"I know, right?" Sheppard said, laughing.

Expect a warm welcome for the pod-person. Not!

Here’s another Philly article about how they stink at WR over the years.

During Andy Reid’s eight-plus seasons as the Eagles' head coach, his team has sent as many wide receivers to the Pro Bowl as it has long-snappers.

That number is one, and that wideout is, of course, Terrell Owens, whose stay in Philadelphia turned out to be short and anything but sweet.

Ha, one WR in eight seasons and that one is the guy they ran out of town and hate like an ex-girlfriend. This game should be fun.

If you want more about the Eagles, go to Bleeding Green Nation, our fine SB Nation Eagles blog.

Samsung is holding a weekly thing about Defining Moments for each weekend in the NFL. It’s tied into some ad campaign they are doing with sports sites and I am contributing my efforts because they are helping to support BTB with their ads. So this week, I wrote a piece that called the defining moment the second they blew the whistle to start the New England/Washington game. Go check it out and vote for my article because my ego always needs boosting.  

ESPN posted a story about the greatest rivalries in the modern NFL. Of course, Dallas shows up, not once but twice, and we also hold the number one spot for our rivalry with the Deadskins.

Dallas vs. Washington (1970-83)

• Signature moment: On Dec. 12, 1979, Staubach threw two touchdown passes in the final 140 seconds to erase a 13-point deficit and give host Dallas a 35-34 win. The Redskins missed the playoffs with that defeat,

Dallas vs. San Francisco (1992-96)

• Signature moment: Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman hit Alvin Harper on a slant pass that turned into a 70-yard catch-and-run late in the 1992 NFC Championship Game. That play set up the game-clinching touchdown in the Cowboys' 30-20 win, setting up the Cowboys' first of three Super Bowl wins in the decade.

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