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All's quiet out at Valley Ranch

Kind of quiet out at Valley Ranch over the last day or so. But, Wade Phillips will be holding a press conference this afternoon so we’ll see what he has to say. The biggest immediate news is that Anthony Henry won’t be available for the Buffalo game but we pretty much knew that the second we heard high ankle sprain.

If you want a good overview of what’s going on with the Buffalo Bills, go to Buffalo Rumblings where Brian covers all things Bills. He does a great job detailing the team.

Back in our own realm, the defense is getting better, and the DMN has the stats to prove it.

Over at the DFW S-T, Flozell makes the case that he’s not a penalty machine and Leornard Davis makes the case that when you weigh an average of 324 pounds across the front line, you can beat people up.

"We are trying to beat people up," a smiling Davis said. "We are just getting after guys. We lean on guys. It gets to the point where the defense is on the field too long and they wear down. That's what we've been able to do."

Below I’ve posted the new SB Nation Power Rankings. The Cowboys come in at #3, as they do almost universally across Power Ranking polls.

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