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Wade Phillips press conference 10/4/07

Wade: Anthony Henry is probably out this week, Terry Glenn too, and Courtney Brown. Oliver Hoyte didn’t practice much, he’s getting better, but is still iffy. Terence Newman and Greg Ellis are about the same as last week, a little better. Keith Davis practiced some today, 50/50 on him.

Blah, blah, overconfidence, blah, blah, waste of question. Thanks again media.

Blah, blah another stupid question about the same thing. Hello! There’s a game against an opponent named the Bills this week. Did you know that media?

Crap, more stupid media questions going on an on about the Buffalo past.

How much did you know about Romo before you got here? (Whoever the female reporter is that asked this question, thank you for saving us from reminiscing about Wade’s Buffalo past.)
I didn’t know much about him, I saw him on the Thanksgiving Day game. When I interviewed for the job, Jerry had Bill Parcells talk to me about him and what kind of player he is. Saw him in Pro Bowl and I was excited. He got two TD’s at the end. (What did Parcells tell you?) I’m not going to get into that.

Surprised at how well he’s done this year?
He was in the pro Bowl last year, he did some good things, people saw stuff in him. He’s certainly a Pro Bowl player.

Another idiot question about going back to Buffalo. More idiot questions about coaching at Buffalo.

Marshawn Lynch?
A good back with a bright future, versatile back. Runs inside, runs outside, makes you miss or runs you over, can catch the ball, does everything well. They give him the ball quite a bit, he’s a featured back. What I worry about is he comes out of the piles, if you don’t keep coming on defense he can bounce out and make a big play.

Are you worried about Roscoe Parrish and special teams coverage?
I’m worried about their personnel, they are capable. We made a mistake last week but I believe in our group.

Trent Edwards?
32 out of 39 or whatever last week, accurate with his passing and real poised. They didn’t cut down the game plan for him. He did the same stuff as Losman. That was the impressive thing. Sometimes they limit a rookie and you can predict it.

Do you go after a rookie QB, blitz him or disguise coverages?
You have to test a rookie QB, Eli Manning they tried to blitz him all year, they tried to blitz Romo, you got to test him. If it’s an unproven guy you have to come after him.

Worried about their huge O-line?
They have a pretty good o-line, we’re used to working against big guys in practice. They’ve done a nice job with them. They have some guys hurt on defense, but some are coming back so we won’t be fooled by that.

Big difference between Cowboys 1st half and 2nd half rushing yards. Does the o-line's size just wear other teams down?
Size and ability, we have a good line. We’ve thrown the ball to set up the run, and run to set up the pass. We’ve done both.

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