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Cowboys worry about slow starts on offense

You guys know that my big complaint about the Dallas Cowboy so far this year has been the slow starts by the offense. Admittedly, this seems like a minor complaint on a team that leads the league in points and yards on offense. But my point has been that good teams will eventually take advantage of that and we could end up losing some games because of it. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I read we’ve scored six points in the first quarter all year.

Nick Eatman discusses it in this article. Yesterday, I posted the remarks by Andre Gurode on the subject. Here's some more from Jerry, T.O. and Witten.

"I think that we must . . . we've got to be more productive early or that is going to hit us," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Thursday. "That's going to catch us. And I think we should work on that. We'll get in trouble and we almost got in trouble the other day."


"I can't put a finger on it," wide receiver Terrell Owens said. "But at some point in time, we have to realize that we're going to come down to a stretch of games of teams that are going to be efficient on offense. The teams we have played as of late, they haven't really done anything offensively."


"Yeah, definitely," Witten said. "I don't think we've scored a touchdown in the first quarter. You get caught up being 4-0, but this team is really concentrating on these kinds of things. Because you're not going to beat teams by doing that. It's just a lot of different things. We had a sack in one game. And then we've had a lot of second-and-15 and a second-and-20 in another game.

"I don't think it's one thing we're doing. We've just had some three-and-outs. We just haven't been able to get things going from the beginning."

We talk about Terry Glenn occasionally and how his presence could add to the firepower of the Cowboys offense. But we really haven’t heard anything about his re-hab. I guess that fits the pattern with Terry Glenn, his reticence to talk to the press is legendary. Jerry Jones breaks the silence – sort of.

"He's very ambitiously and aggressively doing everything he can rehabbing and he fully expects to play," Jones said of Glenn's return during the 2007 season.

Jones said Glenn's procedure - a scope to remove torn cartilage in his right knee - normally requires four to five weeks of rehabilitation. The Cowboys veteran receiver is just three weeks into that time frame.

Well, it’s something, although nothing definitive.

Tank Johnson has been working out at Valley Ranch and meeting with Calvin Hill for regular counseling according to this DFW S-T article. For anybody who didn’t know, under his suspension he is allowed to work-out at the team facility but not allowed to attend organized activities or meetings, etc. He is also petitioning to have his suspension reduced and comeback for the Minnesota game.

Jason Witten is having a heck of a season. He’s also becoming a team leader.

The DMN blog says Michael Irvin will get his Hall of Fame ring during a ceremony at halftime against the Patriots.

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