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Wade Phillips press conference 10/5/07

Wade: Good practice, injuries the same as yesterday.

Terence Newman?
Seems to be a lot better, good practice today. I think he can play more than he has, he looks like he took a step forward this week. Newman will start this week.

Greg Ellis?
Ellis will play similar to last week, he will be a situational player. He hasn’t taken the next step yet. He’s in good shape but not for every snap. Similar to last week.

Keith Davis?

50/50. I don’t know if hell be ready or not. He practiced some today. Didn’t want him to get banged up, careful with him at practice, he got through OK. Just have to see if he feels like he can go and how much jeopardy it puts the guy in, don't want to lose him for the year. (Coverage units?) We made a mistake on tackling the guy last week, not in coverage but tackling. We have good coverage units, outstanding return groups, Crayton is still ahead of Dante Hall in yards. I'm pleased with special teams.

Oliver Hoyte?
Oliver didn’t do much today, not with the 1st team offense, mostly with the scout team.

Deon Anderson?
He’s a rookie, he’s coming along, his approaches to where he needed to be weren’t excellent but the results were good. Sometimes he’s off the path, we have a path to take for the block, but he comes back and gets him. Once he’s into a guy it’s hard to get him off. There were situations earlier in the year when he played where they changed the fronts and he was confused. He’s practicing more, more tuned to who he has to block. He’s still a rookie and learning. We see good things when he gets to the block. Hoyte is a big-time pounder, a lead blocker, knocked out Zach Thomas on the first play. Anderson is more of a guy who gets into his guy and is hard to get off the block. Different styles.

Anthony Spencer?

Now that Greg’s back, it will help Anthony, may help DeMarcus by having three guys to rotate. Three pass rushers. (Is Greg a starter when he’s back to full health?) Anthony’s been doing a good job, glad we have him, if we didn’t we would have been in trouble. Greg’s a starter, a really good player and has experience. When he’s ready we’ll start him.

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