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Of first downs and third downs - Saturday open thread edition

Hat tip to BTB-regular mlibbey for this link  to a Football Outsiders article. After explaining how Dallas is fortunate to be such a good offense while constantly putting itself in 3rd and longs, they drop these numbers on us for JJ and MB3 on first down carries.

Julius Jones: 30 carries, 104 yards
Marion Barber: 22 carries, 202 yards

Seriously, what will it take for the Cowboys to actually let Barber start?

Ouch. I admit to being ignorant of that disparity.

The Bills want to run the ball. The Cowboys don’t let teams run the ball. Something’s gotta give.

"I think that's what they want to do anyway," Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty said. "I think they're a running football team that preaches ball control and shortening the game. That's their game plan every time they come out to play. I don't anticipate that changing."

Nick Eatman gets him columnist game-face on and bangs out an assured victory.

Unless Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas are getting back in uniform this week, the Cowboys aren't losing to the Bills. And unless, the Browns get . . . no, it doesn't matter. They're not beating the Patriots on the road even if Jim Brown can come back for a few carries.  

The Cowboys will be 5-0. The Patriots will be 5-0.

The article is actually about looking ahead to next week, or more precisely not looking ahead to next week. It’s a good read, check it out.

Here’s a look at Romo from the Buffalo perspective. And yes, the beginning is all about coming back from the bobble.  

It’s Saturday, so this is an open thread for NCAA football and, of course, any Cowboys chat. My Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fell behind big to start the game against Maryland, fought back to get within two points and then missed a 52-yard FG with under a minute to go to lose. Arggh!

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