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Tank Johnson opens up; Oliver Hoyte out for Monday

Tank Johnson sat down for some interviews this week. If you want to know about his upbringing, his fascination with guns and almost any other aspect of the Tank’s behavior, or plan’s for future behavior, then check out the DMN here and the DFW S-T here.

On the heels of the JJ/MB3 post below, comes talk about the offensive line and how they are wearing teams out late in games. Bigg Davis says you can see it happen in the defense’s demeanor late in games. They just aren’t as ready to mix it up with the offense. But what caught my eye was this piece discussing Jerry Jones and his financial commitment to the line this year.

[Jerry] Jones is so reassured in that approach, that he apologized to Bill Parcells this week for not sinking these resources into the line during the former coach's time in Dallas. Of that period, Jones says, "We just never could get it done."

Turns out Jerry and Bill talked this week for 45 minutes on the phone and it was all football talk. Jerry says they still have a very good relationship. I think that’s kinda cool.

Here’s the injury report and Oliver Hoyte is out again.

FB Oliver Hoyte (C-5 sprain and pinched nerve in his neck) will not play Monday. Deon Anderson will get the start. ... SS Keith Davis (shoulder) is questionable; Ellis and CB Terence Newman (foot and knee) are probable.

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