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Sunday games open thread - T.O. edition

It’s Sunday and there’s no Cowboys game. Time to watch the rest of the league while we wait for the bright lights of Monday night. I’m interested in the Redskins vs. the Lions, Tampa Bay vs. Indy and Seattle vs. Pitt.

Here’s what I learned from T.O. being mic’ed up for last week’s game. BTW, they picked the wrong week to wire T.O., only three catches and no TD’s. We didn’t get the total T.O. experience.

  • T.O. was taught to dress sweet on gameday and look good by Jerry Rice.
  • T.O. doesn’t mind being a decoy sometimes. (Bill Parcells just fell over. BTW, ESPN promises that the Tuna will reveal his true relationship with T.O. last year on this week’s Monday night pre-game show.)
  • T.O. conceded that he ran the wrong route on Romo’s INT last week when he and Crayton ended up running the same route in the same area. Romo thought that was funny and laughed it up while T.O. teased Romo that he underthrew him anyway but said he owed Romo one.
  • Torry Holt wants a T.O. jersey for framing and T.O. agreed to give him the one he was wearing. (At which point Holt should have demanded he wash it first.) T.O. then said he wanted a ring like Holt has and Holt said he was on his way this year if the Cowboys can avoid injury.

This is an open thread for the Sunday games. Rock on.

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