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Speaking of the Cowboys comeback win...

I’m still a little stunned and giddy this morning. Again, I ask, how in the world did we win that game? I don’t know, but I guess you can say one thing: The Cowboys never quit on that game. Even Tony Romo, who had the word "goat" tattooed on his forehead for 56 minutes, used the final four minutes of the game to help redeem himself. He also had some help from his friends, mainly Nick Folk and the defense. I’ll philosophize and hypothesize on the game in detail later today and tomorrow, but let’s let the participants speak for themselves.  

Like Never Nervous Nick, when asked about the last kick.  

"No, I'm nervous on the 20-yarders. This one you just kick it," he said. "It was all about power. I wasn't trying to aim it."

So is this the biggest you've ever made? "For now," he said.

"For now." I like the kid’s confidence. But I guess he can't be Never Nervous Nick if he's nervous on the 20-yarders.

"When he was fighting for the job, he was never nervous," said holder Brad Johnson, "He just kicked the ball. It was never a big deal. It's just the way he plays."

Folkin-A! Maybe he is Never Nervous Nick. Not even a timeout could freeze Folk.

"I really wasn't worried about that," Folk said. "I knew I had just made it. I just wanted to make sure I did the same thing and go make it again."

You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

"It's an unbelievable feeling," said Folk, a sixth-round draft pick and the first kicker drafted by the Cowboys since 1987. "It was a tough game on the road and we fought hard all game. And it comes down to a kick. I knew what I had to do and I just went out there and put a good foot on the ball and knocked it through."

Tony Romo, now a huge fan of Folk.

"He got me out of the doghouse tonight," Romo told MNF's cameras after Folk's game-winning field goal stunned the Bills and completed the Cowboys' improbable comeback. "The guys stuck with me, and they stuck together. This team is resilient. We've got a great bunch of guys, and they fought their... They fought hard tonight."

Not that he could have if he tried, but Romo made no effort to weasel out of the blame.

"It was tough to go through that, especially on a Monday night," Romo said. "You just have to keep going. It's not always going to go your way. Some of the picks were completely dumb throws. But I'm just glad we were able to do enough things to win the game."

Tim Cowlishaw says Romo is so good, that he can throw five interceptions and still win the game.

T.O. talks about the 2-pt. conversion that wasn’t to be.

"It was just a situation where I tried to adjust to it," Owens said of the two-point conversion attempt. "The ball was kind of underthrown and it was kind of on (the defender's) helmet, so I tried to reach over and he just kind of shot up through it."

T.O.’s had a rough couple of games, only five catches for fewer than 60 yards in the past two with no TD’s. He sounds just a little frustrated.

"I just felt like there were some opportunities there when I was open. Just didn't happen, but the game is over with. We won the game. It's something we can obviously correct."

And this one.

"The coverage didn't bother me at all," Owens said. "I was open a lot of times, and for whatever reason we had some errant shots. The ball was long and out of bounds. I just tried to do whatever I could to adjust to the ball."

But Owens was upset in the fourth quarter when Romo threw his fifth interception – a pass to Jason Witten that was picked off in the end zone.

Owens slowly walked toward the sidelines and flung his helmet. He was yelling until offensive coordinator Jason Garrett patted him on the chest to calm him down.

"It was frustration a little bit," Owens said. "But I felt like there were some opportunities there when I was open. It just didn't happen. The game is over with, and there are some things we can correct."

Careful T.O., you didn’t have the best of games either.

But the defense did have the best of games because they were continually put in bad situations, yet held the scoring to three. And I was happy to see Jason Hatcher getting involved.

Reserve defensive end Jason Hatcher boosted the defense with three tackles, two pressures and his first sack of the season.

"This is by far the best game I played," Hatcher said. "Last week I missed a couple sacks and the coaches just told me to keep coming. Here tonight I'm sitting on a sack and hopefully I start rolling."

One note not related to the game, the Tank Johnson situation may be reviewed as early as next week.

"He has been doing some very positive things about changing his life and making better decisions going forward," Goodell said shortly after at an ESPN Monday Night Football luncheon in Buffalo on Monday. "We had to get him situated in Dallas and make sure he continued on with the things that I asked during the suspension."

"He needs to make better decisions and he needs to demonstrate that through his behavior," Goodell said. "I think he understands that, and I'm hopeful he's going to do that."

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