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Wade Phillips press conference 11/1/07

Wade: Anthony Henry practiced more today, some with the dime group. There’s more of a possibility that he’ll work in this week, probably not start, but similar to what we did with Newman.

Were they more vocal today at practice?
We had some music today, Soulja Boy. (Are you more a Soulja Boy or Journey fan?) I’m more West Coast Rap than anything else. (Howls of laughter) We cranked it today. It was a normal Thursday. They were more refreshed, that’s from getting a week off.

Justin Rogers?
Rogers is coming along real well, my first diagnosis wasn’t very good, they might revoke my license. He’s worked all week, done all the ST stuff, he looks ready to go.

Deon Anderson learning as a rookie?
It’s still a complicated game, shifting defenses, he’s seeing more than he saw in college. It changes who you block sometimes, protections are hard for young guys. He’s worked hard at it. Overall, we put him in a position for not too many changes. He’s learning more. (Hoyte and Anderson rotate this week?) Hoyte isn’t 100% yet, we won’t have him active until he is. But Hoyte’s still the starter, he’s just injured.

Did you work on special team adjustments or personnel changes this week?
We do that with everything, it’s an ongoing process. We went back to fundamentals and technique, and now we get into the next team, doing specific things for this game. On-going process. But the special teams are 6-1.

Keith Davis?
As all the captains were, he was an overwhelming vote getter. The players on the ST’s look for his leadership, not only his play, he’s an outstanding ST’s player, but his leadership helps us also. You could tell a bit when he was out.

McNabb scrambling force the secondary to cover longer?
You get a QB that can move and buy time, you have to cover longer. Most teams against us, or some will go to max protect, this team will do that too and run one or two out on a deep route. But they also can do it with the QB scrambling; I remember the play he threw it after, what, like 30 seconds and for a TD against Dallas.

Rush lane discipline?
On a scrambling QB it’s more important, you cant just attack the drop point, if you go inside too early he goes outside. It’s a weekly thing, we emphasize it more with certain teams, with him you have to keep one eye on him while you rush. Not necessarily spy him, not like Mike Vick, it’s the four or five-man rush and don’t let him get out of that. We could spy him. One year Dallas had a spy on Randall Cunningham when I was in Philly, and Randall was faster than the spy. (laughter) If you use a spy you have to have someone with speed.

Eagles WR's?
Their offense is where the QB spreads it around. That’s what they do well, in some ways it’s harder on a defense, with other teams you know the guys they’ll go to and you can double them. But the Eagles just go to the open route, the QB reads it well and has a gun for an arm. They have some WR’s with speed that go deep, like they did against Detroit.

Brian Westbrook?

Reminds me of some of the 3rd down backs that can do anything. He can play on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. He makes 3rd down plays on first down, you know what I mean? He can line up at outside WR, or run the screen or just run the football. He’s an outstanding receiver. Like Marshall Faulk when they utilized him as a receiver and a running back. It’s a match-up problem, you have him in the game, all a sudden he’s lined up at WR and you don’t have extra DB to put on him, you have to put a LB on him with safety help or something. They have as many formations and personnel groups as anyone we play. They utilize his talents. Gifted receiver and route runner, don’t find that at tailback much.

We haven’t worked him as much this week, mostly with the scout team. Last week he worked with our regular defense, he’s learned the defense fine. On the field, he’s quick and strong. Seems to be in good condition. (Will he join Ratliff in a rotation next week?) Looks like it, next week. (Will you play Ratliff any at DE?) No, not at defensive end. We got plenty of those who are playing well now. It will give Ratliff more on the rush, he’s playing basically every play now. The rotation to help him.

(Disclaimer: These press conference recaps are just paraphrases of what Wade Phillips says and aren’t vetted for total accuracy on quotes. I shorten and condense things he says but try to get across the intended meaning. Occasionally, what I post loses the context of something Wade said and may appear counter-intuitive. If you have questions about something from the press conference, feel free to ask in the comments.)

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