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Cowboys random articles

I wrote a little piece on Tony Romo vs. the Philadelphia Eagles for a site called Pigskin Texas. It’s a comedy, so to BTB-regular and Romo uber-fan Terry: don’t take anything in it to heart. You know me, I take shots at everyone.

Also, my buddies over at Bleacher Bloggers are running some contests on their show and are doing some sports awards. They’re asking for nominations so go over to this page and nominate some sites. Maybe someone will even nominate this humble lil’ blog.

Nick Eatman recalls the tortuous losses to the Eagles recently through the eyes of Greg Ellis. Depressing stuff. So I’ll look to the future:

"Oh man, [Ellis is] coming on strong," Ware said. "It's great to have a guy like Greg back out there. You can see a difference in how teams try to block us. When you get another guy with his experience on the other side, you can't (block) all of us. We missed him when he wasn't in. He looks like the same Greg Ellis from the past."


Here’s an article with an injury update. Short version: Henry is likely to play but in the dime mainly, Hoyte looks to be out, and Justin Rogers is in.

But here’s the money quote from the article.

The Cowboys prepared for Philly's crowd noise by filtering music onto the Valley Ranch practice field. The defense's theme song by rapper Soulja Boy started off the stretching exercises. Then came Journey's "Don't Stop Believin', a personal favorite and request of Romo's.

I’m guessing a new tune from Britney Spears’ new album won’t be playing anytime soon.

Roy Williams has had it with media criticism of his pass coverage abilities.

"If I read my clippings and my head got big and then I had a bad game, you guys are going to rip me more. That's what ya'll do," Williams said Thursday here in the locker room. "Even if I didn't have a bad game but it looked like that person (a receiver) was in my area, I'm still going to catch heat for it."


Todd Archer on signing our own free agents at the end of the season.

The Cowboys have some tough decisions to make on players scheduled to be unrestricted free agents (among them: Patrick Crayton, Julius Jones, Ken Hamlin, Flozell Adams, Jacques Reeves) and restricted free agents (among them: Marion Barber, Chris Canty and Jay Ratliff) when the season ends.

Feh, that’s not hard at all. Crayton – sign him. JJ – let him go. Hamlin – sign him. Flozell – let him go. Reeves – sign him, if it’s cheap enough. Barber – sign him. Canty – sign him. Ratliff – sign him. See, I handled it without even skipping a beat. Salary cap? I don’t need no stinkin’ salary cap.

But at the end of the article they have a list of the 2008 free agents. I was surprised to find this name on the list. Tony Romo. Hmm, didn’t I just hear something about him signing a contract?
[EDIT]The DMN removed Romo's name from the free agent list at the bottom of the article. So, never mind. [END EDIT]

On a personal note, Georgia Tech is never going to win big if Chan Gailey remains the coach. They must get rid of him. And they must start a different QB. Sheesh.

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