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Cowboys are an elite team

The more I think about what the Dallas Cowboys accomplished yesterday the more I like it. The Cowboys showed they were clearly the better team, just like they’ve showed to everybody they’ve played this year except for those who will go unnamed and reside up near Boston. These Cowboys come at you like a spider monkey.

It’s enough to make me eat the cheese. Heck, I’m ready to order up a six-cheese nacho fountain. I’ve got so much anointing oil I could open my own Vatican City. Steady, Grizz, you’re losing it.

Seriously though, this Cowboys football team looks like something special. To that end, I give the lead-off position to this article by JJT that in a lot of ways mirrors what I wrote last night.

This team is hardened by Bill Parcells' attention to detail and discipline and freed to maximize their talent by Wade Phillips' personality and defensive scheme. These Cowboys are an elite team.

I like that approach JJT. Bill Parcells taught these guys the correct way of handling their business, but they just weren’t happy under the Tuna. Now, Wade Phillips has unleashed all that stored-up potential and Jason Garrett has had his hand in it, too.

These Cowboys, who remain tied with Green Bay for the NFC's best record at 8-1, play with a swagger the 2003 and 2006 teams – the last two playoff teams – never had.

The 2003 team was simply happy to be in the playoffs after three consecutive 5-11 seasons, while the 2006 team faded late in the season and lost in the playoffs.

This team's confidence is palpable.

That is a great point. It's been hard for me to isolate just why this team feels different than the teams we’ve had recently, but there is definitely something different with this team. They have the confidence and they expect to win; they will put in the effort to get that win. It’s a lot of things coming together, but you have to give credit to one guy who is the leader and the guy who has infected the team with his own personality.

This team is set up to succeed where other Cowboys teams have recently failed because their quarterback seems impervious to pressure. He expects to play well and make big plays and others to follow his lead.

Like Joe Buck said, Tony Romo has game - both on and off the field.

Also praiseworthy are the big uglies up front. They decided to skip talking to the press again after the game, but others had plenty to say about them.

"They're talented players," offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said. "They're really, really well coached by Tony Sparano. They play well together and they compete. Both from a run standpoint and pass protection standpoint, they really give us a chance on offense. It starts with them."

It certainly does start with them, even though the run blocking needs a slight tune-up.

Remember the storyline all week about this game? How the Giants’ defense was a changed unit and not the same guys who the Cowboys hung 45 points on in Week 1? Yeah, I remember it, too. I wondered why they didn’t see the same thing in the Cowboys. A few did, but most continued to dismiss the Cowboys defense as a liability, even though the statistics showed how much better they had gotten. On Sunday, I think you got a look at a Dallas defense that is on its way to a very good season. Not only did we sack Eli Manning five times, but we did it with five different players.

The Cowboys held Giants quarterback Eli Manning to one touchdown and forced two interceptions after Manning burned them for a career-high tying four touchdowns in the opener. The defense also produced a season-high five sacks from five different players - DeMarcus Ware, Greg Ellis, Chris Canty, Tank Johnson and Anthony Spencer.

Nice. Our studs Ware and Ellis got one and the resurgent Chris Canty got one. Rookie Anthony Spencer contributes and our newest arrival, Tank Johnson, gets one. That is a great sign going forward. Don’t forget that Ellis caused the Hamlin INT by hitting Manning’s hand when he threw the pass. With Newman and Henry both looking healthy again and with Bradie James continuing to play like a madman, this defense may soon be up there with our offense when people talk Cowboys.

Calvin Watkins has more on the defense, here.

On offense there are star players everywhere. While Romo is at the center of the constellation, no one shines brighter than T.O. Get your fill of T.O. in this article, where the Podster continues to praise all those around him.

"I have a lot of confidence in Tony and (offensive coordinator) Jason Garrett," Owens said. "I know they're going to do whatever they can to get me the ball. Sometimes, it doesn't happen as early as I would like. But I can't get frustrated. I know eventually it's going to open for me, and that's what we did today."

Lenny P. also details Owens’ day in this article.

"Sooner or later," Owens said, pulling on a gray blazer over a natty argyle sweater Sunday evening, "it's going to be there for us. It's just a matter of time. And I think [Romo] does a great job of sensing when those times as there. Look, I feel like I can make plays any time, anywhere on the field, whatever the situation. But it has to come within the [framework] of our offense ... and those two touchdowns definitely did."

Mickey Spags love the offense, too.

SB Nation's Texas Rangers blog, Lone Star Ball, has a poll up about Tom Coughlin that you might want to get in on.

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