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A few notes to pass along. I will do the Film Review tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that. Also, tomorrow night Sam Hurd hosts Inside the Huddle and his guest will be the Podster, Terrell Owens. I can’t wait to see if Hurd delves into the alien origin of T.O.’s behavior this year and if T.O. thinks that Patrick Crayton is just plain nutty. I do, some of his comments are out there. That’s at 9 PM EST tomorrow night, I’ll try to remind you sometime during the day.

You have to read BTB-regular Brandon’s diary about his travels to the Sunday game against the Giants. A great write-up that has a little of everything, including some inside info on Kevin Burnett and why he was so mad at Brandon Jacobs. Check it out. Also, I turned in my Defining Moment of the weekend for the Samsung ad campaign – hey, they’re helping to pay the bills here, keeping BTB free – so go over and vote for my entry. Even though I admit it was a sub-par effort from me, but vote for me anyway because I hate to lose.

What else is going on? Tim Cowlishaw thinks that T.O. is the difference maker for the Cowboys and the reason we are the best in the NFC. Interesting argument, but very narrowly constructed.

But does anybody remember this happening?

His dropped balls and off-the-field misadventures, which ranged from falling asleep in meetings to passing out on pills, caused owner Jerry Jones to pause before bringing him back for Year Two.

Yes, I remember the dropped balls and the pills and all that, but I don’t remember Jerry Jones ever hesitating about bringing T.O. back. Do you guys? Seriously, was this just a made-up comment or am I forgetting something that happened in the offseason?

Peter King seems a little snippy about the Cowboys ever since his BFF Bill Parcells left. But he did dish out some praise to Jason Garrett this week.

Coach of the Week

Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. I know there's a lot of sharing on the Dallas offensive staff, and I appreciate the heavy contributions that have come from Tony Sporano. But Garrett has spearheaded an offense averaging 32.9 points a game, with a comfortable quarterback and a non-mutinous Terrell Owens. Jerry Jones has erred on coaches before -- Barry Switzer comes to mind -- but he was spot on when he put Garrett in charge of the offense, even before he hired Wade Phillips.

Nice recognition for Red Ball, but did King really have to take a shot at Jerry and Barry? Was it not enough to just say Garrett was a great hire?

The new theme is one game at a time, it’s just a step along our journey, blah, blah. You know things are going good when you can dish out the old clichés and neither the media nor the fans mind. Heck, what am I going to complain about?

"We're not really worried about how good we are or anything like (that)," quarterback Tony Romo said. "All you can do is go out there and just try to win the next game. That's really what we've done. We go out there and prepare all week and try to win the game that's in front of us. We do that, you move on to the next week."

I’m down with anything Wade Phillips is serving. The guy is getting it done.

Kevin Burnett on not playing stupid.

"As the only linebacker (in the dime defense) I've got to take it upon myself to get the team in good position," Burnett said. "I can't make stupid plays, and that was a very stupid play."

Tony Curtis is the new Cris Carter.

"People go around calling me 'Touchdown' all the time," Curtis said. "Plays that I get opportunities to make catches are in the red zone, usually. I just try to take advantage of my situation."

Three catches, three TD’s. That’s good production.

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