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Potential storm cloud enters Cowboys sunny season

Hat tip to Burt D for breaking this news in a diary here.

This is not the kind of news that we want to hear in the middle of our glorious season.

A personal trainer who says he has ties to Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons players said Monday he will plead guilty to federal charges of manufacturing and distributing steroids.

David Jacobs, of Plano, told Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT that he will plead guilty Tuesday in federal court in Sherman as part of a deal in which he will tell federal investigators about professional athletes who use steroids.

This doesn’t sound good. Now, before we freak out, we don’t know that any Cowboys players are involved, and it may not be current Cowboys players. But just to have our team's name come up and the fact he’s going to name athletes is potentially bad news.

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple did not immediately return a phone message left by the AP. Dalrymple told KTVT that Jacobs never worked for the Cowboys and the team had no knowledge of the charges he faces. The Falcons also told the station that he never worked for their team and they had never heard of him.

Never worked for the Cowboys doesn’t mean much. Please, oh please, don’t let this one get us, things were going so well.

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