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Current Cowboys players allegedly named in steroids investigation

The news that I posted yesterday about Cowboys players possibly being involved with steroids has taken a little more ominous turn. The guy who is cooperating with authorities and pleading guilty to distribution of steroids has named names. And allegedly some current Cowboys players are on the list.

A man who pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of illegal steroids has given federal authorities the names of former and current Dallas Cowboys players who he says he supplied with performance-enhancing drugs, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

While all of this is just allegations at the moment, the fact that there are current Cowboys on the list is a bad sign. Bradie James tries to minimize the news with humor.

"We are one of the hottest things out there, so we are going to get mentioned if somebody robs a McDonald's," said Cowboys linebacker Bradie James, one of several players who discussed the buzz around the case with reporters Tuesday.

That’s a funny line, but this is kind of a serious issue. It could end up with suspensions if the names turn out to have any truth to it. The NFL is waiting for the names to be presented to them before they take any action.

"We look forward to learning the facts underlying today's developments in this case and to assisting the federal investigation in any way possible," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

"Consistent with our policies, we will deal with any NFL-related involvement promptly and aggressively."

Now all we can do is wait for the names to come out and for the NFL to determine if there is any validity to it in their estimation. The storm clouds just got a little bigger.

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