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Supposedly former Cowboy Matt Lehr was one of the guys named in the still secretive steroids rumors swirling around the Cowboys and Falcons. If he’s the only name connected to the Cowboys, then all is well, but I can’t help worrying that sources said current Cowboys were supposedly named.

Wade Phillips wasn’t happy about those penalties on Sunday against the Giants. So he got in the payers faces and used a tactic straight out of a high school sports movie. Matt Mosley over at Hashmarks breaks it down thusly.

Upset about his team's three post-play penalties against the Giants on Sunday, Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips took an unusual but entertaining approach to make sure it doesn't happen again.

According to sources, the normally laidback Phillips scolded his players for a couple of minutes and then distributed copies of a statement that read: "I will not hurt my team by giving away post-play penalties."

A red-faced Phillips told players they weren't required to sign the pledge, but I'm told everyone in the room, including coaches, provided signatures.

"He talked for a couple of minutes, and then he got out of there fast," said one player. "He didn't yell, but he obviously wasn't pleased."

And speaking of Wade, the dude is just what Dallas needed.

Bigg’s ankle is sprained, but we don’t know how badly yet. Cory Procter would be the man to go if Bigg can’t.

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