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NCAA open thread - with Cowboys vs. Redskins reading material

Here’s some reading material to go along with your NCAA football today.

Jerry Jones doesn’t want another late-season collapse.

Nick Eatman has no actual idea when Terry Glenn may return but he tells us that Glenn is working hard to get back. He hazards his best guess.

So the guess would be that Glenn can come back, maybe for the last two or three games of the regular season. But if not, and he misses the entire regular season, it wouldn't be out of the question he would make his season debut in the playoffs.

Joe Gibbs is testing the loyalty of the Redskins fans.

Ken Hamlin gets more love.  

It’s looking more likely that Santana Moss will play.

Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss returned to practice Friday and sounded optimistic that he will play Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

"From doing what I did in practice, I should be able to play," Moss said.

More on Moss, here.

Andre Carter has been the Redskins best pass rusher.

This is an open thread for Cowboys and NCAA football chat.

To BTB-reader SneakyPete, who sent me an email about using my articles on other forums. I don’t mind if people use them, just give a link back to the blog and I’m OK. I tried to email SneakyPete back but got an undeliverable message error.

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