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Early games open thread

I want the Cowboys to punch the Redskins ticket to oblivion today. Let’s grease the rails for them on the way to a season-ending collapse and send the whole Redskin Nation into a meltdown. I want to beat them so bad they begin to wonder if anything about their team is right, and the offseason becomes a Danny Snyder’ special. I want to read that he might fire Joe Gibbs, that Joe Gibbs might resign or any number of combinations where the Redskins are in total disarray. I want Pocket Napoleon to try and buy himself a team again and overpay for aging superstars.

Let’s just crush the life out of them.

This is an open thread for the early games.

BTB-regular ‘e’ sent me this link to a video about Parcells and Phillips. It’s pretty good.

Standard Cowboys vs. Redskins review for today’s game.

The DMN blog is debating where Jason Garrett might coach next year.

Is this a championship team?

This is an open thread for the early games.

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