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Dallas taking the road to Philly

Donovan McNabb’s claim that the road to the NFC East still goes through Philadelphia has rankled a few players on the Cowboys. Yesterday, it was Roy Williams saying this:

"Right now, they are in no position to talk about 'Everything goes through Philly.' Some teams went to Philly and they beat them," Williams said. "No one is worried about, 'You have to go through Philly.' You have to go through Dallas, you have to go through Washington and you have to go through New York, too. Everybody feels they are the best. Right now, it's just about how you play on the field that proves you are the best."

And today, the DMN blog has Owens saying the following on his radio show.

"It’s so evident that ever since I left [Philly] nothing’s been going right there," said Owens. "I’m not saying I’m the sole reason, but when I was there we were very successful. Now it seems like everything’s snowballing."

And on the McNabb claim:

"I think that’s just wishful thinking, he has to be the only one that’s thinking that way," Owens continued. "The road to Super Bowl has to come through Dallas, Texas -- it has to come through D-Town. We’ll have see how things come out, but it doesn’t seem like things are faring too well up there in Philly country."

OK, back to on the field stuff, Anthony Henry says he’s playing, and coach is probably going to use him as the dime CB like he did with Newman.

"Either way, I’m going to go anyway," said the confident corner. "It’s important for me to be out there for the game. ... I want to work myself in there. Other guys have been doing a great job, they’ve been studying the game plan, they’re a little bit ahead in the preparedness for the game. So I’m going to work my way in there, taking my time and try to do it the right way."

To McNabb or not to McNabb.

I get mail, and sometimes it cracks me up. I got a pitch today to help Keith Davis make the Pro Bowl. That’s not that funny in itself, although why Keith Davis deserves such a campaign is interesting. But what got me was this line at the bottom:

  • Sponsored by Fans for Special Teams Captain Keith Davis to the 2008 NFL Pro-Bowl

Who are these fans? I want to know! But I’m going to join their campaign anyway, since I think it’s funny. Let’s get Keith Davis elected to the Pro Bowl. Here is what they wrote me:

Special K (Keith Davis) fans are asking people across the country to log on and vote for Dallas Cowboys Special-Teams Captain Keith Davis As A 2008 Pro-Bowl selection. The NFL Special Teamer with the most votes will represent both his fans and team in the 2008 Pro-Bowl. Do you want to see Keith Davis, as the National Football League’s (NFL's) premier Special Teamer? Then go ahead and VOTE - you can vote as many times as you like!

And they even included a nifty pic of Killa.

So go vote.

Remember Pat Watkins' first game against Philly last year? Pat doesn’t want to remember.

Watkins, then the team's starting free safety, gave up two long touchdown passes in the fourth quarter of Philadelphia's 38-24 win over the Cowboys. Even the TV cameras showed a distraught Watkins on the sideline, his head buried into a towel for most of the final minutes.

But the kid has come back strong and found his niche on special teams and the dime defenses, and one day could be starter material. But Ken Hamlin is handling that job just fine for right now.

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