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DeMarcus Ware - stud

The rest of the shortened Film Review should be up later tonight and I will do a Scouting Report on Wednesday. Here’s some gristle to chew on in the meantime.

All hail DeMarcus Ware.

The third-year pro has been on fire this season, leading the team with nine sacks and sitting just a half-sack behind NFL leaders Jared Allen (Chiefs) and Mike Vrabel (Patriots), who both have 9 ½.

I’m telling you, after reviewing the games all season I can confidently say Ware is one of the best linebackers I’ve ever seen. It’s not just the pass rushing that sets him apart, but it’s also his play against the run which has gone from liability in his rookie year to outstanding this year. He can make plays when the run comes at him and he can rundown the ball carrier from the backside. He also never gives up on a play. I wrote last week about how he ran down Sinorice Moss on a crossing pattern after he had already rushed upfield five yards. This week, he made a bad move letting Campbell escape the pocket but he ran Campbell down 10-12 yards upfield. Sometimes with all that natural talent and fluidity in motion, we forget about how hard he works on every play. He can also cover in the secondary and has good hands when he gets them on the football.

Simply put, the guy is a stud.

Mickey Spags says don’t worry, be happy.

That’s pretty solid advice when your team is 9-1. But you guys know me, I’ll find something to pick at about this team. One thing that has got me a little worried is our inability to run the ball lately.

Dallas hasn't rushed for more than 100 yards as a team the last two weeks. The Cowboys averaged 2.9 yards per carry against the Redskins on Sunday.

In the fourth quarter, the Cowboys rushed eight times for 26 yards and found it difficult to get a first down.

So far Tony Romo, great protection from the offensive line and a full arsenal of deadly weapons at the skill positions has allowed the Cowboys to mask over that recent deficiency. But, I would like to get a little balance back into the equation. In December when the weather could be a factor and in the playoffs when better defenses are usually on the field, having a solid running game is a huge advantage.

Here’s some Tony Romo love.

"[Romo’s] been great in practice, and it's really carried over to the games," backup quarterback Brad Johnson said. "With this many weapons, it takes the group. It takes the quarterback. It takes the line. You have everybody. That's what happens in practice. It's fun watching what happens on Wednesday and Thursday, let alone what happens on Sunday."

Ah, the life of the backup QB when the starter is in no danger of losing his job. Watch practice, hold onto clipboards and collect that check. I kid!

More Tony Romo love, here. Seems Romo has a habit of calling everybody ‘kid’ not matter their age or gender.

"I got in trouble with a couple of girls. I said, 'You're a good kid,'" Romo said. "And they said, 'Stop that.'"

I think opposing defenses should adopt this strategy and start yelling ‘Stop that’ at Romo during the games. Nothing else seems to work.

Randy Moss – good. T.O. – bad. JFE complains about the media even though she is the media.

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