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Wade Phillips press conference 11/20/07 - Crayton hurt edition

Wade: Patrick Crayton was held out of practice, he sprained his ankle in the 1st qtr. last game. He came back yesterday and his ankle was sore, he’s got a sprained ankle, high/low or whatever. Worried he may not be able to play Thursday. Sam Hurd filled in for him today, Miles Austin was the 3rd WR, and Newman at punt returner. Hoping he will be back, but no practice today.

More on Crayton?
I don’t think it’s long-term, but the quick game this week is an issue. On a normal week he would probably be fine.

How did practice go?
Good concentration, good focus, it’s important to them, this game is important to them and that’s the way it has to be. People say the Jets this or that, but just ask Pittsburgh if the Jets are good.

Anthony Henry?
About like last week, hadn’t changed much since Sunday.

Jacques Reeves?
He's done a good job to come in where he did. Early in the season it was tough but he’s got better, experience helps and confidence helps. He’s faster than everybody but he needs to learn to utilize it, he was a successful track athlete, he needs to gauge his speed with receivers. Moss made a good catch on him but he ran with him well on the play. He’s not a big guy, he won’t bump or jam guys. His technique is playing off and using his speed to turn and run with them and break on the ball.

Why are the Jets special teams so good?
The Jets are good because Mike (Westhoff) been there a long time, thorough 3 or 4 coaching staffs. They got people to fit in his scheme. Leon Washington is talented, he’s run 3 back for TD’s already and he set up the overtime win last week. Mike’s a really good coach, done a great job, he’s experienced, knows how to utilize players, any coach needs to utilize the talent and he does a good job at that.

Different offense with Kellen Clemens instead of Pennington?
They won this last game and gained confidence. Not a lot of difference, Clemens has a stronger arm than Pennington, he’s done well in 2-minute offense, something we want to address. We didn’t do well against that last week. We need to prepare for that.

Will Julius be more motivated playing against his brother?
Ask Julius, but he played well the last time they played. Anything that motivates a player I’m for. I hope he hates his brother this week.

What do you need to do to stop the 2-min offense?
Combo of things, the pass rush, you have to play like it’s 3rd and 7 every time. We got to play tough, sometimes they get in the mindset of playing softer, it’s a whole mindset. Play it like its 3rd and 7. In the 2-minute offense and two scores ahead, you don’t want to give up big play and you want to keep them in bounds. But even up 12 points you need to play like it’s 3rd and 5 or 7. It’s a natural tendency to think your ahead and don’t want to get beat deep and end up playing soft and that’s not the way to do it.

Confident in Sam Hurd?
He’s played well every time he goes in for us. If he has to start we have confidence. (Also activate Stanback?) That’s a possibility.

Thomas  Jones?
Any back that can rush for 100 yards against Pittsburgh, I’m impressed. That was the most impressive thing, Pittsburgh prides themselves on that, not giving up 100 yards. He rushed for 100 and helped to win the game.

Punt returners without Crayton?
Newman will be our punt returner but Marion Barber is the next guy. We worked several guys there, but he’s the next guy, the number three guy.

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