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Over one million served

This tiny little blog is like the little engine that thought it could. Once upon a time I had an idea to write my own Dallas Cowboys blog after reading a Georgia Tech blog. So one day I bought an account on some service and starting writing posts. Little by little you guys starting finding my blog and commenting. In those days, getting one or two comments on a post was a major thrill for me. For a while I wrote and nobody commented. So I pondered my zen mantra of "If you blog and nobody reads it, are you really blogging?"

About six months after that start, I was asked to join SB Nation and I did. Since then, the meter has been running on visits to Blogging The Boys. I guess we’ve come a long ways since those early days.

Sometime this afternoon, Blogging The Boys went over 1,000,000 visits. That’s one million, baby.

A big thanks to all of you who read the blog, and a bigger thanks to everybody who comments, and the biggest thanks to you guys who comment regularly and write diaries. That’s what makes the whole thing work.

For those of you wondering about my announcement of 2 million page views a few months ago, that’s a different metric. The name is self-descriptive; every page you look at is a view, so the front-page and a comments page count as two views. Visits are unique IP addresses every hour. So if you visit at 9 PM and again at 9:47 PM, that’s still one visit. But if you visit at 9 PM and 11:45 PM, that’s two visits. Thus, we’ve reached 1,000,000 visits to the blog.

So page views are nice and advertisers like them, but for me, the visits are the thing. One million times people made a decision to check out this blog. Sweet!

You guys rock.

There’s another broadcast of Inside the Huddle tonight. Sam Hurd, he of the probable start on Turkey Day, hosts and his guest will be Ken Hamlin. Go here to view the broadcast. The show starts at 9 PM EST, 8 PM CST.

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