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Terry Glenn takes first steps towards a return

Hat tip to dunkman for posting the following news about Terry Glenn in a diary. Go over to his diary and post some comments.

From the DFW S-T:

While his teammates practiced at the Cowboys indoor facility, [Terry Glenn] walked out to one of the outdoor fields with a team trainer. He's been running for a few days, and the Cowboys hope these are the first steps to building his leg strength back so he can return.

I’m like a lot of you, I had mentally written Terry Glenn off this year and any kind of meaningful return to the team would be a serious bonus. When the guy is right he’s one of the better receivers in the league. Let’s hope that Glenn can get there, he deserves to share in some of the on-the-field action during this sweet season we’re having.

Patrick Crayton didn’t practice and he says it’s unlikely he’ll play.

But if he were a betting man, he probably wouldn't put much on himself to play with a sprained left ankle.

"Smart money might be to say that," Crayton said of not playing. "We'll let Coach (Wade Phillips) make that final decision. Body-wise, I haven't run on it yet. I don't know how it's going to respond to any kind of plant or cut, or anything."

They’ll test it out tomorrow.

"I will have a field test and see how it feels. I haven't run on it yet," Crayton said. "The quick turnaround is what is getting in the way of getting this thing healed the way I need. If we're not ready to go tomorrow, we'll get it ready for Green Bay."

Keith Davis is the special teams captain and he’s ready to take charge.  

So with the Cowboys having some recent problems covering kicks, special teams captain Keith Davis is taking it personally.

"Yeah, it's on me," Davis said. "I know as the captain, that's my guys. That's my squad right there. Someone has to take control over that. So when we struggle a little bit, I take responsibility for that."

There’s a whole lot more about Killa in the article. Over at the DMN, the Breerman has more on the Jets special teams.

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