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Cowboys 10-1 for first time

There’s a feeling that we didn’t play very well on offense today, yet we scored 27 points (the defense gets the other seven). We blew a team out 34-3 and it gets a ho-hum reaction. I’m here to tell you that’s a good thing. The Cowboys have reached a new level. Everybody knows it now, the Cowboys are expected to win over the also-rans of the NFL, and do it in a dominating fashion.

Even Wade Phillips sounds a little blasé about the win.

"I thought it was a solid, solid game," said Cowboys coach Wade Phillips, whose club has won five straight since their only loss, to the Patriots. "We played well throughout. That's the way we need to play at home."

The term solid, used that way, usually means you did your job in an efficient way; you did exactly what was expected. It was no big deal, you were a much better team than your opponent and you handled your business and moved on.

That’s what happens when you go 10-1 to start a season. Crushing an inferior opponent is the order of the day. So busting up the Jets was just the price of doing business but a 10-1 record is priceless. Jerry thinks so.

"It's hard to believe that we've never done this before," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "It just feels great, feels good to be a part of."

I’m feelin’ ya King. It’s your world boss, we just live in it.

And just like the expectations around the team have gone up, the expectations of Tony Romo have gone up. As the DMN blog reports, he threw an INT that should have been a TD and he missed an easy TD to Witten. Even Wade thought he was a little off.

"He didn't seem like he was in sync enough," Wade Phillips said.

I’m guessing Wade isn’t taking about the boy band. Still, Romo completed 75% of his passes and threw two TD’s. But just like for the team as a whole, Romo is now in rarified air and expectations are just the price of doing business. Then again, a 10-1 record and a showdown with the 10-1 Packers is priceless.

Here’s Romo on next week.

"I don't look at it any different than being a big football game that we're trying to win," said Romo of playing the Packers. "Now, if we win next week does it help us reach our goal? Yes. But if we lose, does it completely derail it? No. It is a big game and everyone understands that this is probably going to be one of the more important games we'll play in the stretch of the regular season. But at the same point, it's also one game. That doesn't end your season. It doesn't put you in the Super Bowl, but it does give you confidence and gives you certain things you need to help you along the process."

Sounds like Tony isn’t quite sure if it’s a big game or not.

How about our boy Romo, tying the Cowboys single-season TD record with five games left to be played.

Tony Romo matched a Dallas Cowboys season record when he threw his 29th touchdown pass Thursday against the New York Jets.

Romo matched Danny White's mark when he tossed a 22-yard pass to Terrell Owens with 6:12 left in the game to give the Cowboys a 34-3 lead.

T.O. had a silent game for him, collecting a late TD, but he’s just fine with the win.

"The most important thing is we won whether I caught a touchdown pass or not," Owens said. "I knew they were going to roll coverage my way."

For the record, what did Eric Mangini think about the game?

"There were things that we had to do in all three phases to have a chance, and we didn't even come close to doing those," Mangini said.

The Cowboys are that good again. Hallelujah.

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