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Romo's injured finger

Here’s the story on Tony Romo’s injured finger.

Quarterback Tony Romo injured a finger on his right hand against the New York Jets, but it didn't stop him from tying another Cowboys record.

"Eh, just banged up my little pinkie finger," Romo said.

When asked if the injury was a big deal, he said: "Nah, it's all right. It's good."

Romo definitely underthrew a few key passes in the game. The one to Jason Witten that should have been an easy TD is a pass that Romo always makes. A few of his passes, especially some of the deeper balls, just didn’t look as crisp in the game. Having a slightly injured finger on the throwing hand would make sense as to why. Although I’m sure Romo will never say that and will just say he missed them.

Darrelle Revis definitely has the makings of a good cover corner. I watched him last week against the Steelers and then again yesterday against T.O. and he looked on his way to being a very good cover corner. And T.O. knows who he is now.

Revis said there was no trash-talking between them during the game. But after the game, "we had a real good conversation."

Afterward, Owens was asked his impression of Revis.

"Who?" he replied.

The player who covered you, he was told.

"Oh," Owens said, "he's a great corner."

For the Jets, national exposure on Turkey Day might not have been a good thing.

"If a person hadn't seen us play this year and they watched this game, they're probably saying, 'The Jets suck,'" said wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, aptly describing their dreadful 34-3 loss to the Cowboys at Texas Stadium.

Credit the Cowboys defense for making them suck.

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