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Wade Phillips press conference 11/23/07

Wade: Solid performance, after watching the tape we made some mistakes that we can correct. Offensively, the QB managed the game well, some games just need managing, he was 21 for 28. A solid job when the defense is playing that well, it’s a good way to play. Romo continues to learn, I would have liked to make a few more TD’s in the game but we got FG’s which were important. The two young receivers did well, not in number of catches but they separated well from the coverage, ran the routes well. Both played well on special teams, too, it was encouraging. The o-line, Leonard Davis was outstanding, and so was Gurode. Those two are powerful in the middle, in double-teams or one-on-one against the linebackers or the nose guard. All of the line played well, but Davis dominated the game. On defense, third downs were important. Newman on the slot is getting comfortable. We put him one-on-one and just let him go, some of the sacks and pressures were good pass rushes but some of them were from the coverage. Coverage and good rush combination. The Jets ran the ball well against Pittsburgh but we were able to dominate their  running game. Canty played well, Ratliff continues to play well inside, and the ILB’s, and Ware’s all over the field. Ellis had two sacks, I don’t know how many games he missed but he’s up to 8.5 sacks already, he’s a force. We had a lot of guys who played well. On special teams the coverage teams were good, Leon Washington is a great returner but we averaged more on kick and punt returns than they did. Nick Folk keeps making FG’s, seems like it’s automatic. I’m pleased with that game. The next game is the biggest game in the NFC so far, we know the challenges and so forth.

Not really, nothing significant. Crayton is still rehabbing, Terry Glenn rehabbing he was in here today rehabbing, no update on him.

Is home field advantage in the playoffs very important?
Pretty significant for Green Bay, they had never lost at home until we beat them when I was at Atlanta a few years ago. Stats bear it out that you win more at home.

Comment on the focus of team on the Jets game with the big game looming ahead?
We’ve done that all year, focus on the game at hand, we certainly focused on this one. It says a lot for the players, their "want to do" what we need to get done. People say the 2-8 Jets, but they posed some problems, we just played well.

How important was it for the defense to play that well after last week?
The week before they threw a bunch of times so they will gain some yards. This team wasn’t able to throw it much and we played well. We’re a strong defensive team. I think they feel good about themselves. Anytime you don’t feel like you did your best, you try to play better.

Was there any thought to Roy’s 'starts streak' being snapped?
I didn’t even know about that. It wasn’t him not starting, it was the personnel they had in the game. The first play doesn’t make you a non-starter, he played the rest of the game.

Is Terence Newman doing things now he couldn’t when injured?
Sure, I think he’s played better and better and it’s all because of how well he is, he’s a good player. He was hurt for a while and he tried to come off that, then we had to play him in the nickel, and he worked on that. His techniques have gotten better as his health is better.

How did Kevin Burnett play as the starter (tongue-in-cheek)?
We have specific things for certain plays, they had 3-wides to start the game, we have 3 or 4 options we can play in that situation. I guess they made a first down, maybe we shouldn’t have gone with that. (laughter) Burnett is versatile in sub-packages, he can cover man-to-man, and he’s a good blitzer, we utilize what he does.

Surprised Brett Favre is still playing like this at his age?
If it was somebody besides him, I might be surprised. Favre’s timeless, he’s done those things through the years, and even over the last few years he still made amazing plays even though they didn’t win as much. But at the last part of the season last year they were coming on, as opposed to Dallas last year. They’ve carried that on to this year. He’s comfortable with what they’re doing, it’s somewhat the same offense, but it was still a new staff. (Romo and Favre comparable in play?) I think it is valid, Tony sees the field well, he can make certain plays that you’d see a Favre make. Plays that aren’t in the playbook, a lot of ad-libs. The good players can make those and Tony can. That’s where they are comparable.

AFC vs. NFC, some people think the NFC will get slaughtered in the Super Bowl?
I believe the NFC is ahead in head-to-head records this year, the first time in a while. That’s saying a lot when New England hasn’t lost a game. Overall, it looks like the conferences are equal. Obviously, New England and Indy are really good teams. Our own division is strongest in the NFC, they’ve played well against the AFC East. The NFC is strong.

Anthony Henry?
Seems to be a slow process. He did what he can do yesterday and he did a good job of that. I don’t think he’s full-go yet. Maybe this week he will be.

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