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Holiday hours in effect

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Does a slacker run this blog? Does the author/editor of this blog think it’s a holiday? Is he keeping holiday hours? All very good questions and the answers across the board are ‘yes’.

Seriously, these games lately on Thursdays with a holiday mixed in have really thrown off the blogging schedule. But here are a few items to prove I’m still alive and kicking.

Nick Eatman chooses five underrated Cowboys players and gives them some love, here. From reading his article I’m guessing he means underrated by the entire NFL instead of by us hardcore Dallas fans. Otherwise, how does Terence Newman make the list? I don’t know of any fan of Dallas who underrates that guy. And Eatman falls into the trap that will surely make some heads explode – Newman is underrated because he hasn’t made the Pro Bowl. They can have that popularity contest – although it would be nice for him to make it – but just watching him from week to week is enough for me.

Chris Canty was also on Eatman’s list, and I’m glad he’s there because that means that Canty has finally broken through, not on the national stage yet, but in the minds of Cowboys fans. We’ve been waiting for him to play up to the potential of that huge frame and obvious skills, and he finally has. He’s had a good season and over the last month he’s been a terror.  

In 11 games this season, Canty has 32 tackles, three sacks, one tackle for loss, two quarterback pressures, two pass deflections, one fumble recovery and a blocked field goal.

A Milwaukee paper has a long article on Brett Favre and the improvements to his game that he’s made this year in order for the Packers to go 10-1. The main stat that is up for Favre is completion percentage, which stands at 68.5%. Now, having a high completion percentage is one thing, almost any dink and dunk QB can do that, but Favre is making his passes count.

The most impressive part of his current rate is that, although it appears he's completing mostly short, high-percentage passes, he is averaging 7.9 yards per attempt, more than he has averaged in any of his other 15 seasons as a starter. Only Brady, Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys are averaging more per attempt.

Meanwhile, the Packers are pretty banged-up after their game against the Lions and coach Mike McCarthy has said he’ll play it smart and not jeopardize anybody’s health long-term just to win this game.

Right now, the only player who is definitely out is nose tackle Colin Cole, who suffered a broken left forearm and could be done for the season.

On the serious side are "KGB," cornerback Charles Woodson (toe), safety Aaron Rouse (knee), linebacker Tracy White (ankle), nose tackle Ryan Pickett (knee) and tackle Mark Tauscher (ankle). On the less-serious side is receiver Donald Driver (ankle).

For the Cowboys, Mickey Spags lets us know that we are only battling the injury to Patrick Crayton.

Want some good arguing material? Here’s a column by Lenny P. at ESPN that takes on the question of the AFC vs. the NFC this year. When you’re done arguing about that, move on to Seth Wickersham’s debate of Randy Moss vs. Terrell Owens. Guaranteed to create holiday discourse everywhere, and sure to provoke a few fistfights with the family.

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