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Open thread - NCAA edition

You guys might think ol’ Grizz is severely bummed that his Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets got stomped by the Bullpups from Georgia - again – but I’m not. Why not? Surely this loss, and the 0-6 record against Georgia, and the wasting of the Calvin Johnson years, and the conservative play-calling, and the inability to recognize and recruit a decent QB; all of that will surely mean the firing of Chan Gailey. If that doesn’t happen, you will see a severely vexed Grizz - and I might even continue to refer to myself in the third person.

So how did your NCAA team do today or yesterday or any day this week?

This is an open thread for NCAA and Cowboys chat.

Todd Archer has a preview of the Pack game.

Here’s a preview of the Pack game from Vic Carucci, I thought Carruci was pretty clueless about one thing; see if you can guess what that is.

Don Banks gives some love to the Turkey Day winners.

Open thread.

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