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Favre vs. Romo, everybody's talking about it

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Well, the holiday was a much-needed mini-break from blogging. Had to spend some quality time with some quality people but the holiday is over and it’s time to get back to regular blogging. I’m re-charged and ready for the big game, the showdown: 10-1 vs. 10-1, Packers vs. Cowboys, Favre vs. Romo.

You know, according to legend and the media, this game is:
Favre vs. Favre, Jr.
Old Favre vs. Young Favre
Favre vs. Favre’s clone
Favre vs. Favre 2.0
Idolized vs. Idolizer

Wait, put the brakes on that, Romo isn’t feeding the storyline. Nick Eatman reports.

But Romo, who grew up in Burlington, Wisc., said he didn't have Favre posters hanging all over his walls as a kid, nor did he own a Packers No. 4 jersey.

"No, I was a basketball fan," said Romo, who was 12 years old when Favre first joined the Packers. "Michael Jordan was my idol."

In fact, when it came to actually watching the game's top quarterbacks, Romo said he was more of a John Elway fan, and even rooted against Favre and the home-state Packers when they played Denver in Super Bowl XXXII.

Wow, who knew that? I think Romo just lost some friends back in Wisconsin. It’s all good though, Romo is his own man. Check out Eatman’s article, it goes deep into Romo and Favre.

Tom Cowlishaw goes through some history between the two franchises, but this nugget about the future put everything into perspective.

Quarterback Tony Romo talked about the winner leaving with essentially a two-game lead. If Green Bay wins, Dallas would need a perfect December and hope the Packers lose twice in order to regain the home-field edge.

Same goes for Green Bay if Dallas wins.

OK, if you want home-field advantage all the way through, you better win this game.

It’s not everyday that the long-snapper gets some love, so when it happens I feel obligated to pass it on. L.P. Ladouceur gets some ink.

In Wade’s press conference today he talked about Favre and Romo and that Green Bay plays a lot of man-to-man because their corners are so good at it. He also gave an update on injuries. Crayton was held out but is doing better and may practice tomorrow. They continue to hold Henry out and Romo is feeling no ill-effects from the pinkie injury.

From the Green Bay side of things:

Here’s a position-by-position matchup for the game from the Green Bay press.

USA Today looks at the Packers and Favre lets us know they didn’t practice well today and he has some concerns.

Here’s the Packers up-to-date injury report, they have issues.

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