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Leonard Davis vs. Ryan Pickett: Let's get it on

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If you guys read my Scouting Report from yesterday, you’d know that I’m a little excited about the matchup in the middle between Leonard Davis and Ryan Pickett. I think that will be one of the key matchups of the game and will help determine just how much the Cowboys can run the ball. Well, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel agrees and has a full article on the matchup in this morning’s edition. They even created a neat little picture logo of the two players. Here’s what one neutral personnel guy said about the two.

"Pickett is one of the strongest defensive linemen in football," the personnel man said. "But he isn't even close to Davis. I'd match that up in favor of Davis. If you try and match strength with him, you'll lose."

Pickett obviously thinks he can handle his own with Davis and he thinks their front seven can matchup size-wise with the Cowboys massive offensive line.

"You know, Leonard don't say nothing," Pickett said. "He's not a trash talker. He's a big boy, a big, strong boy. It'll get pretty physical. The thing is, they haven't played a front seven that matches up with them like we do size-wise."

Oh man, I can’t wait to watch those two get it on Thursday night. It’s going to be a slobber-knocker.

So I’m reading the regular Cowboys’ media this morning and I come across and article on receiver’s coach Ray Sherman over at
Fair enough, Sherman deserves a little pub for his work with the Cowboys’ receivers who have been tremendous this year. But then I go over to the DMN and they have an article on Sherman. Not to be outdone, the DFW S-T has an article on Sherman. I thought what the heck is going on that Sherman is getting all this ink? Then I was reminded by the articles that Ray Sherman was the Packers’ receivers coach not that long ago.

Go check out the articles, but be warned they are all almost the same thing. In short, Terrell Owens loves his new coach, all the receivers love the new coach, they all went to his house for a big meal with his family, and they refer to Sherman as an uncle and compare him to one of the Klumps in The Nutty Professor. Good times.

People back in Tony Romo’s neck of the woods in Wisconsin are having a hard time deciding who to root for in this game.

Sean Taylor is remembered by some Cowboys here and here.

Here’s the latest on the Packers’ injuries.

And finally, I forgot yesterday to remind you guys about the Inside the Huddle show. You can watch the archived broadcast over at the site, this week it was hosted by Sam Hurd with guest Terence Newman.

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