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Showdown in D-town under 24 hours away

10-1 vs. 10-1. Man, that’s big time. Teams with records that good late in the season rarely meet head-to-head. The fact that it also happens to be two of the most popular NFL franchises who have a little history between them doesn’t hurt matters. Oh yeah, and we got a legendary QB vs. the young gun who happens to play almost exactly like the legend. This is good stuff. You can’t help but be pumped-up for this one. I forgot, it’s also for the inside track to NFC home-field advantage in the playoffs. As they say, this game has all the makings.

Let’s do this. Kick the ball already.

Nick Eatman’s got the game covered in this article. You know it’s a big game if Flozell decides to give up a quote.

"I tell them all the time, I say forget about all of that stuff. We have to work to get up there," Adams said. "Just because we've won 10 games, it doesn't mean anything right now. We have to still win a few more just to get to that home-field. So to get there, we have to focus on now. The only thing we need to focus on is beating the Packers."

Sounds good to me.

I was all ready to recommend this Don Banks article to you. 10 reasons why this game rules the universe and they were pretty good reasons. Then I got to #10 and almost barfed.

10. It's a matter of time for T.O.: There hasn't been a mis-step all season, and he's looking great in all those argyle-sweater driven outfits in his postgame press conferences. But you just have to know that Terrell Owens will have at least one moment this year when he gives in to the urge to shine the spotlight on himself in typical T.O. fashion. Maybe it'll be an end zone celebration we haven't seen now that Chad Johnson is back in the game, or maybe a sideline rant if the going gets tough against the Packers, but Owens has to give us something to talk about other than his spectacular on-field success.

Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at your computer screen.

So, are any of you guys excited about this game? Or do you want to argue about D-Mac some more? I kid!

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