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Cowboys reading material - NCAA open thread edition

It’s been too long since the Cowboys played a game. I’m getting very impatient and I still have to wait through all the Sunday afternoon games before we finally get our chance. It’s possible I won’t make it. In the meantime, here’s some reading material.

Also, this is an open thread for the NCAA games and any Cowboys talk. I know BTB-regular lee3022 must be fired up about the Oregon/Arizona State game.

Reading material:

Eatman has Romo talking about the Eagles defense. Romo has a very good definition of their defense - structured chaos. Yup, that’s what I see watching the tape.

The Breerman delivers a keg o’ McNabb. My favorite part:

It's been three years since McNabb's career reached its apex, during the 2004 season in which he set personal bests in completion percentage (64.0), passing yards (3,875), touchdowns (31) and passer rating (104.7.) That November, McNabb turned 28 and seemed to enter his prime as he guided the Eagles to Super Bowl XXXIX.

Hmm, wasn’t that the year he had a certain wide receiver that I shall refer to as the player? You’d think the Eagles could find a decent WR somewhere.

Jacques Reeves get some ink.

I’ve also re-posted my satire article about Romo vs. the Eagles, originally posted here, for your reading pleasure in case you missed it the first time. Click the "Full Story" link below to read it.

Tony Romo vs. the Philadelphia Eagles: The Tale of the Tape

I've been writing my blog, Bloggin The Boys, for a couple of years now, but I've been a card-carrying Cowboys fan since the 70's. I hated the Steelers when they won those Super Bowls, and hated the Redskins because...well...they're the Redskins. I never really minded the Eagles much until the late 80's when Buddy Ryan entered the scene. The franchise just went downhill from then, not in wins, but in class. Ryan might have succeeded in running his fake kneel-down play on the Cowboys, but the Eagles never won the big one. Something I love to remind them at every opportunity while also noting that the Cowboys have five of those trophies at Valley Ranch. So with the Eagles game this weekend, and their fans still talking like that team has actually done something in the NFL, I was pumped to write about the losers from Philly.

But then I got knocked off track by the Tony Romo signing. Who knew that Jerry Jones was going to pull some loose change out his pocket and drop $67.5 million on Romo? The Cowboys signing their franchise QB to a six-year deal is big news. Big enough to almost eclipse the game with Philly. Well, I think we can have both and I'm determined to make that happen. So let's go to the Tale of the Tape and pit Tony Romo against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tony Romo: Brings joy to millions of Dallas Cowboys fans across the country.
Philadelphia Eagles: Bring joy to thousand of prisoners locked up in the bowels of their stadium.
Edge: Push - Convicts need joy, too.

Tony Romo: Turned T.O. into a model citizen.
Philadelphia Eagles: Turned T.O. into a Dallas Cowboy.
Edge: T.O.

Tony Romo: Cheers his teammates on the field.
Philadelphia Eagles: Booed Santa Claus on the field.
Edge: Santa Claus - easier to know who's naughty and who's nice.

Tony Romo: Hangs out with Carrie Underwood and Sophia Bush and has parties in the ESPN offices.
Philadelphia Eagles: Hang out in trophy shops looking for Lombardi Trophy replicas.
Edge: Eagles - Romo was also spotted partying with Britney Spears.

Tony Romo: Once held the ball for kickers.
Philadelphia Eagles: Once tried to hurt a kicker.
Edge: Eagles - I hate kickers.

Tony Romo: Had one of the biggest blunders in playoff history.
Philadelphia Eagles: Are one of the biggest blunders in playoff history.
Edge: Romo - Immortalized forever by NFL Films.

Tony Romo: Quarterback known for breaking down defenses.
Philadelphia Eagles: Quarterback known for breaking down.
Edge: Jeff Garcia

Tony Romo: Plays for a coach who resembles the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
Philadelphia Eagles: Have a coach who resembles the Michelin Man.
Edge: Romo - Food before tires.

Tony Romo: Was once called a "good egg."
Philadelphia Eagles: Throw perfectly good eggs at buses.
Edge: Chicken Farmers

The Tale of the Tape says it's a tie. Romo with two, the Eagles with two, followed by T.O., Santa Claus, Jeff Garcia and chicken farmers with one apiece. Hmm, I thought it would turn out different. How did the Eagles manage to get a tie? Oh yeah, I left out one thing that tips the scales.

Tony Romo: Plays for a franchise that cheered the Hall of Fame career of Michael Irvin.
Philadelphia Eagles: Play in front of fans who cheered the career-ending injury of Michael Irvin.
Edge: Romo

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