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Cowboys vs. Packers: Hot topics

Here are my hot topics from the game.

  1. Terrell Owens – It’s too bad that on a night when T.O. had a monster game, I can’t shake the image of him bobbling that ball in the endzone right to Al Harris. He was so open and that would have been a kill shot. But if you can clear that mental image from your head, the guy absolutely dominated in the game and there’s no way we win that game without him. Another 100-yard receiving game and another TD in a game, T.O. is da man.
  1. Brett Favre - What the heck was Brett up to in this game? He was just winging balls down the field like it was 1992 or something. It’s hard to say this because I respect Brett so much as a player, but the Packers were a much better team with him out of that game. Aaron Rodgers took the short passes and let his receivers work, which they’ve been doing all year. People can say maybe Green Bay could have won if Brett didn’t get hurt, but I say the only reason it looked like they could win was because Brett was hurt.
  1. Cowboys mistakes – The tackling, especially in the secondary, left a little to be desired. That long run by Jennings was a case of blown tackles by three or four guys. The long run by Ryan Grant for TD was a terrible job by Ken Hamlin with an assist from Roy Williams. There were numerous other examples. Also, the penalties were back and they could have cost us. But...speaking of penalties...
  1. Refs calls – I have to admit that some of the calls in that game went our way, and they were major calls. Let’s start with the big one, the second pass interference on a long pass to Miles Austin. I’m sure everyone agrees that the first pass interference was totally legit. That second one was tricky, if the Packers defensive back hadn’t put his hands on Austin’s shoulder, he might have got away with it. It looked like the ref on the inside who couldn’t see the brief shoulder-hook ruled it incidental contact. The ref on the other side who saw the shoulder-hook and then saw the feet get tangled ruled he impeded Austin’s progress and that tripped him, I guess. Anyway, it could have gone either way. Where the Packers got jobbed was on the pass to T.O. that Al Harris obviously stripped away inbounds and the spot of the football on Ryan Grant’s 3rd down run late in the game. I thought on both of those we got lucky. But, saying all that, they didn’t decide the game, the 27-10 hole Green Bay dug for themselves lost that game.
  1. Tony Romo – The dude gets it done. He’s been fantastic this year.
  1. Offensive line - These guys are good. Tony Romo had all day to survey the field and didn’t get sacked on the day and was rarely touched. And in the fourth quarter they were able to get Barber going and close out the game. Truly, this is the reason everything else works for us on offense.
  1. Good quotes – A couple of regular BTB commenters had some clever and insightful comments about the game.

On the great play of Aaron Rodgers, who this week imitated Romo on the Packers scout team, I give you scottmaui: "instead of [this game] being about Favre and the guy imitating Favre, it's about the guy imitating Favre and the guy imitating him!" Nice.

And on people complaining that Favre was hurt, or the refs blew the game, or any excuse people might come up with for the Cowboys win, I give you Nelson: "Lot of Haterade being drunk tonight. But that's fine by me. Perfectly fine. We're 11-1, and anyone who has a problem with that can kiss our collective asterisks. :D"

I’ve got nothing more than that.

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