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Early games open thread

I don’t think there’s much left to say. We talked and talked about anything and everything through the bye week, we talked about Tony Romo going from a $10,000 signing bonus to $67.5 million and becoming the franchise QB, and we talked about the Eagles. Those philthy Philly phreaks. Let’s just say what needs to be said, we hate them and they hate us. What could be better? Sunday night with the whole NFL audience watching, except for the fans of either New England or Indy. The fan base of one of those teams will be in mourning, crying into their beers and swearing it will be different in the playoffs. As an outside observer of that game, I’m excited to watch it. Those two teams are playing football at the highest level right now.

The Cowboys really need to get a win on the board tonight. For one, you never want to come off a bye and lose. If you do that, the feeling is you kind of wasted the bye week where you’re supposed to benefit by being refreshed and having more time to game plan. Next, it’s a division game, ‘nuff said. But the real reason is we need to smack the Eagles around and keep control over the NFC East. They have dominated the division for most of this decade, and it needs to stop. If this Dallas team can travel up to Philly and give them a MB3 jab to the grill and walk out with a knockout, then the road to the NFC East will no longer travel through Philly.

This is an open thread for the early games.

The other NFL games:
San Fran at Atlanta: Oh, the humanity! Tell the children to cover their eyes, this could be ugly.
Cincy at Buffalo: One of the biggest disappointments of the season faces the best team that consistently finds excruciating ways to lose.
Denver at Detroit: I’ll never laugh at a Jon Kitna prediction again.
Carolina at Tennessee: I have the Titans D in a fantasy league, go Titans.
Green Bay at KC: I now automatically root against the Packers in every game, I want the best record in the NFC all to ourselves.
San Diego at Minny: The king of the RB’s meets the crown prince of the RB’s, can AP usurp the LT throne?
Jax at New Orleans: The Saints are marching again, but Jax has one good defense.
Wash at NY Jets: Die, Redskins, die.
Arizona at Tampa: I got nothing, go Edge, I need the points.
Seattle at Cleveland: I am very vexed by the Browns. I have a voodoo doll of Derek Anderson that I curse and stab, but the guy keeps winning.
Houston at Oakland: Zzzzz.
Baltimore at Pittsburgh: I think there'll be some hitting going on in that game.
And of course,
NE at Indy: I can’t find any real angle for my personal rooting interests; I only want to observe what happens when two of the best teams I’ve seen in a while get together with undefeated records. This type of game doesn’t happen every year. But I think I’ll just go with my fantasy rooting strategy: go Dallas Clark, Ben Watson, and Wes Welker.

I’m getting jacked, it feels like forever since we actually played a game.

Open thread. And if you don’t comment, I’m putting you on Injured Reserve and you’ll be out for the season.

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