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Cowboys rise as Eagles fall

Now that was a complete win. The Dallas Cowboys were so superior a team on this night that at some point in the second half it started to feel as if they were just toying with the Eagles. Romo was as efficient as he’s ever been, connecting on 80% of his passes (20 for 25) and rolling up 324 yards and 3 TD’s. If he could’ve taken back his one throw to Patrick Crayton that was picked off, he would’ve been just about perfect. I wonder if any Philly fans are going to question Romo and his $67.5 million contract anymore.

Usually, I like to link you to some Cowboys articles after a game, but this win was so much fun that I think you should be treated to some of the Philly articles.

Recognizing the obvious:

Donovan McNabb was right after all. The NFC East title did go through Philadelphia. That was it leaving on the Dallas Cowboys' charter flight.

I guess everybody had the same idea for a post-game article.

Toying with the Eagles and killing their season:

The Cowboys' 21 first-half points equaled the most scored against the Eagles in a game this season, and Dallas was far from finished as it toyed with the Birds' defense on the way to an easy 38-17 victory that basically sucked the oxygen out of the remainder of the season.

That’s just about as perfect a sentence as I’ve ever read.

It just didn’t matter:

The Cowboys, normally a blitz-happy bunch, got consistent pressure on McNabb by rushing just four players. And even when he had time, McNabb again missed too many receivers.

Romo good, McNabb bad.

OK, enough with the Philly press. But you should read the articles; the Eagles meltdown and their press killing them is about as much fun as can be had by a Cowboys fan.

T.O. got his revenge in this game. In truth, the Eagles team, coaches and fans know how good T.O. is on the field, that’s part of the reason they hate him. If he stunk and left Philly, they wouldn’t care. But after the way the Podster ripped them on this evening, they couldn’t even muster of some decent loving-boos.

Once the Cowboys went up by 14 late in the second quarter, Owens tried hard to incite the rowdies. He strutted along the sideline, flapping his arms and yelling at the crowd behind the bench.

But the disappointed Philly faithful were too angry at their own team to worry about Owens' antics. So, they directed their boos at the Eagles as they ran off the field.

Am I reveling in the misery of the Eagles fans a little too much? know...ah heck, who am I kidding, you can’t revel in their misery too much!

Clarence E. Hill, Jr drops a long recap here. He also picked up on the same theme of booing Owens.

The victory was so complete that when receiver Terrell Owens followed up a 45-yard touchdown reception at the outset of the third quarter by mockingly flapping his arms like an Eagle, a historically vile and vociferous Philadelphia fandom couldn't even muster a good boo.


Todd Archer does his usually stellar job recapping the game.

The DMN blog has a bunch of quotes from the players if you want to check it out.

And I usually don’t do this right after a Dallas game, but I got to say something about Adrian Peterson. The kid just set an NFL single-game rushing record with 296 yards! Wow, he’s just a rookie and he just ripped off 296 yards. Freakin’ unbelievable.  Nice draft pick, Vikings.

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