Jason Garrett's too good?

When it comes to our offense, are we in danger of being too good for our own good?  The lowest point total we have this year is 24 and we're averaging over 30 points a game.  There've been many games where Garrett's mid-game adjustments have keyed second half rallies.  In all, this offense is clicking on all cylinders.

So what's the problem?  Losing our brain-trust: Jason Garrett.

From Calvin Watkins, Dallas Morning News...

Mike: I thought Jason Garrett called a great game last night. What are the odds of him returning to the Cowboys next year?

Calvin Watkins: Slim. Unless Jerry Jones gives Jason a boost in pay, which is possible. I'm sure Jason wants to be a head coach somewhere and there will be some openings. I thought the New York Giants would be a great place for Jason, but it looks as if that coach isn't going anywhere.

Obviously, it's easy to speculate that Jason is being groomed by Jerry to be the future head coach.  The problem is, we have a head coach that is doing a fine job, and may not be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

How do you tell a guy with the potential that Garrett is showing  "be patient, wait your turn."

Maybe in another day and age, but with the way things are going, when the season ends, Garrett will be on the top of the list for Head Coaches.  


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