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Kind of a slow morning for Cowboys news. Every one is just coming down off the high of annihilating the Eagles and are now starting to turn their attention to the New York Giants. Last week was a blood game, the hated Eagles had ruled the roost far too long in the NFC East and someone had to put them down. Someone had to end the misery, and the Cowboys were the team for the job. This week, it’s not about revenge, or proving one’s self or smacking the bully around; this week it’s all about controlling our own destiny in the NFC East.

Tim Cowlishaw has a rambling article about Tony Romo that really didn’t have a point. But it did have a few nuggets that caught my eye:

Remember, in spite of everything else, the Cowboys own the second longest playoff victory drought in the NFC. Only Lions fans have been waiting longer.

Aack! That’s pitiful. And how about this one:

[Jerry] Jones fell into Aikman when the Green Bay Packers chose a bad time to win on the final day of the 1988 season. That gave Dallas the rights to the No. 1 pick and Green Bay fans the rights to watch Tony Mandarich deflate before their eyes.

Whoa, Tony Mandarich. What a total bust. And to think how different our franchise would have been and how history might have changed for Brett Favre. Would he have ever been traded to Green Bay if the Packers had lost that game and taken Aikman? What would Brett Favre’s career been like in that case?

Mac Engel takes up the case of the offensive line. We’ve been very good up front this year, and Engel drops the stats on us to prove it.

The offense ranks third in the NFC in average time of possession.

The Cowboys rank first in the NFC in scoring.

Romo has been sacked 11 times this season, tied for fifth fewest in the NFL.

The running game averages 4.6 yards per carry.

Nice job, big boys. They have been dominating most of our opponents, this week they have a huge chore in taking care of the Giants’ pass rush.

Here’s a New York article about the Giants wanting their second chance at the ‘Boys this season. The Giants feel good about the run they’ve been on, but they are also giving the Cowboys proper respect.

"We all know that we had a good run of six games, but this is the real test for us," said receiver Amani Toomer. "They're one of the best teams in the division and in the league. If we want to be considered in that upper echelon in the league, this is the team we have to beat to show that."

If you want to catch up on some of the goings-on in the Giants’ world, go over to Big Blue View, SB Nation’s Giants blog.

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