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Wade Phillips press conference 11/7/07

Wade: Stanback didn’t practice today, it doesn’t look good for him this week, his shoulder popped out at the game, we’ll wait and see but it doesn’t look good. Oliver Hoyte practiced in pads, full-speed hitting, and had no problems, looks good for him this week. Watkins practiced most of practice, Henry practiced like last week, mostly with the sub-packages, not the first team.

Giants pass rush?
The got one of the great all time pass rushers, and with Osi and Tuck, a lot of guys who can rush the passer. Put that together and they can come after you, they don’t have to rush extra people.

Anthony Henry’s health this week?

A little better, got through the game fine, feels as good as he did last week. So that’s OK.

Does the Eagles and Giants defensive scheme being similar help you this week?
But they can see the things that do and don’t work on the defense against us, too. We always look at what a 3-4 team has done against our opponents. They’ll look at it the same way. But it comes down to execution and players. Same scheme but different players so they’ll do different things just like we different things in our 3-4 than others because of our personnel. They are not as much a blitz team as the Eagles, partly because of such a good rush, they can do it with a 4-man rush. Philly chooses to blitz more than the Giants.

Pressure on the offensive line when they slide guys like Kiwanuka inside on pass plays?
It’s a challenge for us and for them. You put and undersized guy against a 360 pound guard, and it becomes a challenge. Put an edge rusher inside might make the speed element less effective, we don’t do it a whole lot with DeMarcus. But they get a lot out of it, that’s the way they choose to do it. They’re trying to utilize their personnel. Some of it is matchups against specific teams. We’ll have to see what they do.

Does the Cowboys defense have all the elements you thought you’d have in place now?
Well, Henry isn’t back, still haven’t started both corners together. (Will that happen this week?) Maybe this week. You’d like to have your starters playing. But you get injuries and other guys have to play, may be the case with some they have to play all year. Jay Ratliff has. (Did you practice Newman back at left corner any today?) Newman was not practicing at left corner today. Henry wasn’t ready today to practice as the starter.

Plaxico Burress?
He’s a problem no matter who is playing. We didn’t do a great job on him in the first game. He’s big and strong, if he’s covered they still throw it to him and he catches it, he’ll stiff-arms corners and go for a TD. He makes big plays. We need to double him up as much as we can.

How much will Tank Johnson play this week?
He’s in the rotation, we’ll go from there. Just like Hatcher is in, Bowen is in the dime rotation. Tank’s more in the first and second down rotation. He’s practicing like he’s in the rotation, taking about a 3rd of the snaps in practice. (Is he mostly going to help on 1st and 2nd down?) I want to look at the pass rush stuff he did today, he’s got strength and quickness, if he can pass rush, we’ll do that too.

Is Henry the best matchup for Burress because of his size?
He wasn’t on the 70-yarder in the first game. (laughter) Henry’s got size, we’ll utilize that, he’s better at jamming receivers because of his size.

Brandon Jacobs?

He’s been over 100 yards 3 of the last 4 games, they got a good line and they will run the ball, especially at home. They average 157 yards a game. He can bounce it outside, ran one in on the Jets for a TD going outside, he’s got size and movement.

Pat Watkins?
I think he’ll be ready from what I saw today. His movement was good.

Were you worried about sitting Tyson Thompson and not having a 3rd back?
It just a calculated thing, we feel like we can get through with two backs. We worked Deon Anderson some as an emergency 3rd back and we wanted to see Stanback.

Will Tyson be back this week or will there be changes in the kick return rotation?
Don’t know for sure, we have other options. (What about Miles Austin?) He’s been the off-returner, we might look at him some. (What other options do you have?) Miles Austin. (laughter) (If Austin returns kicks who is the off-returner?) Maybe Nate Jones, the off guy, he’s a blocker. We still have Tyson as an option, too.

How would you describe Marion Barber’s running style?
Barbabric. (laughter) One of the most aggressive runners I’ve ever seen, he attacks the line. He’s scored a lot of TD’s and our short yardage has been better this year. He runs like a bigger back but he runs with abandon. He may get bounced-back and lose yardage before he gains it. Earl Campbell didn’t get bounced back, he just went forward. But he’s got a special running style. It excites the team, but when T.O. does something that excites the team, too. And when Romo does something, or Julius does something.

Is your offense better than when you played the Giants the first time?
We made big plays against them the first time, they will probably try to take those away, but we are better now if they take those away. We can run the check-downs and stuff if they take away the big plays. I think we’re a better running team than we were earlier.

(Disclaimer: These press conference recaps are just paraphrases of what Wade Phillips says and aren’t vetted for total accuracy on quotes. I shorten and condense things he says but try to get across the intended meaning. Occasionally, what I post loses the context of something Wade said and may appear counter-intuitive. If you have questions about something from the press conference, feel free to ask in the comments.)

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