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From Tank to T.O.

Lots of articles about the return of the Tankster. But Tank himself is not speaking to the media until after the Giants game. Although he is speaking to coach and said he’s ready to go. Coach replied that that was good, because he’s going to play. Chris Canty says it’s good news for Jay, and I totally agree.

"Jay being fresher will allow him to do more stuff on third downs," defensive end Chris Canty said. "It'll take some of the beating off him. So I think you'll see Tank's impact over the course of the season, with Jay being fresher toward the end."

Todd archer discusses Tank in this article but he also talks about Oliver Hoyte probably returning this week. Hoyte sounds less than 100% but looks like he’ll give it a go.

"At the time, my whole arm was dead," Hoyte said of the injury. "The only thing I could do was move my fingers. I just want to see if I can be available [on Sunday]."

Archer also talks about the kick return situation that sounds like it might go to Miles Austin this week with Isaiah Stanback basically out for this game. He also touches on Terry Glenn’s very slow recovery.

The Dallas Cowboys official website is very slow in catching on. I mean, I’ve been telling them that T.O. is a pod-person since before the season began, but they just don’t get it.  

Who is this Terrell Owens guy and what did he do with the T.O. everybody loved to hate?


Whether or not he's the "same person," a conscious shift has been made by Owens.

Hello! He’s a pod-person. Wake up You can go over to the article and read all the words that are coming out of the Podster’s mouth that are being fed into his brain by an all-knowing Borg force somewhere out in the universe. Whoever these aliens are, they sure do talk about teamwork and the like all the time, but they’re also making T.O. say things like he’s the same guy he’s always been, he’s just concentrating and focusing on certain things that are making this year a success. If you buy that story over him being a Podster then I got a bridge to sell you.

When Nick Eatman writes, you must read. Maybe Nick Eatman is secretly the Podmaster!

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