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Cowboys Saturday afternoon reading material

Another weekend with no Cowboys football. It feels empty in a way but how can we complain when we’ve already won our game this week, run our record to 11-1 and beat our nearest competition in the NFC. Yeah, I’ll take that in lieu of a game on Sunday. So here’s some Cowboys news mixed in with some Cowboys gossip and a splash of off-topic news.

If you want to see the NFL’s official explanation for the two controversial calls in the Cowboys/Packers game, go here. Once you hear Mike Pereira explain the calls, it all becomes so simple.

OK, so the rumor is Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are hooking up. has a report that they flew together to Los Angeles last night. But the best thing is they have this shaky, night-time video of people boarding a private jet that is supposed to be Romo and Simpson. I guess they’re right, but the video is so obscured that it’s impossible to tell. Not that it really matters, but I found it funny the lengths people will go to just to film the two together. Go check it out if you’re bored.

Tank Johnson isn't giving interviews, but the Chicago press has this small article about how he’s doing. They managed to get a quote from Brian Stewart.

"Your biggest contribution as a nose tackle in this system is that your guy, the center, doesn't block a linebacker," Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart said. "Whereas in his previous system, it was if your guy got off, you better go get the quarterback. He understands that."

Meanwhile, the hot topic about the Cowboys seems to be – can they avoid a December collapse? The Cowboys say yes – what else would they say – and pin their hopes on Wade Phillips’ fresh approach this year and his resting of veterans and keeping a loose atmosphere. There’s also the issue of team unity which appears to be in good shape.

"We've got each other's back," [Nate] Jones said after the game. "Defense has the offense's back; offense has the defense's back. We play for each other. We're happy. We're getting along, and we're having fun."

And they’re winning, which makes all the good times, backslapping and general euphoria possible.

Don Banks gives some more post-Packers thoughts, here.

Are the Cowboys and Patriots heading for a Super-Showdown? Mac Engel takes a look. My only question is: Can anybody at the DFW S-T figure out HTML table formatting and create a decent looking chart at the end of the article? What the heck?

Some off-topic news.

The police have arrested four people in the murder of Sean Taylor and supposedly have confessions. Read the story here, and follow-up on all Sean Taylor news at Hogs Haven.

It’s being reported that Les Miles will leave LSU for Michigan. Why do I care? Because of this:

Herbstreit is also reporting that Miles will make Georgia Tech defensive coordinator and interim head coach Jon Tenuta part of his staff at Michigan.

Aargh. I love Tenuta as our defensive coordinator. Our defense consistently ranks in the top of the NCAA in sacks, tackles for loss and scoring defense during his tenure. I was hoping he would get a shot at the head coach position. Boo Michigan!

And finally, Evel Knievel died yesterday. Man, I used to love to watch him make his jumps on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in the 70’s. Especially the ridiculous Snake River Canyon jump in his modified rocket-powered cycle. But, even more so, I loved playing with my Evel Knievel action toy with motorcycle as a kid. You older guys know what I’m talking about.

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