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Cowboys vs. Lions: Recapping the win

I’m working on a Film Review that will hopefully be up later today, tomorrow at the latest. But here are some quick thoughts on Sunday.

The defense: It’s good that they stiffened some in the second half and held the Lions to just one TD, with the benefit of a Lions missed FG, but that isn’t championship-caliber defense. We got gashed repeatedly through the middle by an offense that was previously totally inept at running the ball. There are no excuses for that, whether you expected it or not. We also couldn’t get pressure on Jon Kitna who has spent more time with opposing linemen than any QB in the league. Again, no excuses. Now, one week is not a trend, so it’s not the end of the world, but it is a concern; one the players themselves shared after the game.

Miles Austin: That guy is dangerous as a kick returner. Dangerous to all except the kicker. I love the field position he’s providing and he looks like he’ll break one all the way at any time, but he’s got to learn to put a move on the kicker. Just a stutter-step, an in-and-out juke, something. Still, great job Austin.

Injuries and receivers: The bad news, Patrick Crayton’s ankle was immobilized in a boot after the game. The dreaded high-ankle sprain continues to dog him. The good news, Terry Glenn might practice this week in hopes of a return in a couple of weeks. As BTB-regular Burt-D noted, that might lead to the return of TNT, the nickname I gave Terry and Terrell before last season. Having a healthy Glenn and creating four legitimate threats in the passing game would make the Cowboys scary good on offense.

Here are few article recaps that I thought were good reading.

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